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  1. Has anyone tried using a soundbar or soundbase with their desktop system. I've assembled my own W10 DT, 16 GB Ram, SSD, 6 Months old. I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they had a Sumsung soundbar giving a demo of jazz music, it really sounded great!! Don't laugh too much at me, I've new to computer audio (Don't have any speakers at all including on the monitor)!! Tks for any input - DN
  2. Thanks for the great reply! People at this site really know their stuff!! DN
  3. Newbie Dave here. I just finished building my own rig. ASRock FM2A88m Extreme 4+ MB, 16 GB Ram, 128 SSD, W10. Works fine! No audiocard. There is an external SPDIF port on back! I want to buy a pair of Behringer MS20 speakers. (I currently have no speakers at all and use earplugs). The Behringer MS20 speakers have their own 24/192 DAC built in and they have a SPDIF input on back. If I use an SPDIF cable from output on computer to input on speakers will this bypass my computer DAC entirely! I've heard that computer DACs are very cheap 16/44 specs I think! I hope I explained this OK. DACs confuse the heck out of me! Tks for any help - David
  4. Thanks for the good info! David
  5. David here - I'm rolling it over in my mind about getting a pr of stereo speakers (No Surround). I have a budget of less then $500.00 (New or Used). I don't want book shelf speakers, but floor standing instead. I am not into "Bass" at all and can always add a Sub-Woofer later. My room is 13' x 14'. I live in the Gadsden, Al area and believe me we have no audio stores where I can go and listen to speakers. I "Googled" the Birmingham area for audio stores and they have 8 stores - But they are all for Mobile Audio!! I have to rely on the internet specs and info from you good folks! I'm a senior and mainly listen to Classical, Jazz, Easy Listening. Remember BASS is not high on my needs list!! I have a Pioneer VSX-822k Receiver, 80 Watts per channel! Tks for any help
  6. I spend way too much time looking for bargins on classical & jazz cds at Amazon!!!!
  7. Thanks Jud, I bet you guys are wondering what is this Newbie thinking!! David
  8. Dumb question - Is a SPDIF cable also called a TOSLINK? - Just making sure!! Tks for all the great help, I'm almost there! David
  9. Newbie David here, My Pioneer VSX-822k receiver has 1 Coaxial Digital Input and 1 Optical Digital Input not being used right now. It also has a front USB port for IPod (I don't have) or flash drives. According to the manual this receiver has a DAC 192/24 chip (Can't find any info as to make or model of that chip). The manual also says will playback 192/24bit WAV/FLAC files thru the USB port from a flash drive. I want to connect my laptop computer to the receiver. My laptop only has a usb port, no Hdmi or any other type of output. Can I make the connection from the USB port on the laptop to the front USB port on the receiver? I hate to go out and buy an External DAC if I can avoid it (This DAC "Crap" is driving me crazy - Ha! Ha!) As usual any response (Even critical as to my lack of knowledge of audio equipment) is very appreciated!! Good Sunday to you all! David
  10. Any suggestions on used preamps for a Stereo (Not surround sound) under$300.00?? I'm looking at all the vintage audio equip at e-bay and seem to have a lot of nice stuff!! David
  11. Thanks for the good input!! DN
  12. Well it took me 4 hours but I got my 5 shelf glass rack assembled!! I took some pictures of the rack and will try to share it with you when I find out how to attach a file. Do you guys put your racks against the wall with the speakers a little bit out from the wall? I'm only going to have a pr of speakers, not into surround sound! David
  13. The more I think about this, the more excited I get! Neither My HP desktop or my Laptop have toslink or other spdif connections. I do have USB's on both however. Check out this link and tell me if an item like them would wor k!! The usb out on my computer would attach to this and in turn would attach to the spdif connection on my receiver (I think). Amazon.com: Peachtree Audio T1 24/96 Adaptive USB to SPDIF Converter: Electronics
  14. You guys are great!! Tks over & over! - DN
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