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  1. Kii Three. They have to be heard before they can be believed. The multiple innovations in this unit make it standout (exact phase, active wave focusing, cardioid bass, ability to sound mazing in normal rooms etc). Just won Sterophile's POTY 2017 also. World class sound from a single USB connection. Best money I've ever spent. High end headphone rig sounds like a toy in comparison (Moon 600i amp, Lumin A1 and various headphones; Audeze, Abyss etc).
  2. The D1 is astonishing for the price - especially if you get a custom PSU for it. It doesn't have to be Kenneth Lau, I had one from MCRU (UK). The DAC in the D1 is fantastic. I'd choose it over the options you mentioned without blinking an eyelid.
  3. That depends on your budget. I'm by no means the person to ask about XLR cables, you're better off starting a new thread for that. I managed to find a used Kimber Select 1130 balanced XLR for a very good price.
  4. Use XLR if you can. The T1 comes with the A1 linear PSU does it not? You can always upgrade to a Kenneth Lau PSU. I've read mixed reviews, some say it's significant, some say it's negligible.
  5. Fine when it's flat on the desk in front of you, or on your lap, but they become more of an issue when the iPad is placed on a stand at arms length for example (not everyone wants to hold an iPad during listening sessions). In a playback application, you can't get more fundamental than playback controls. The hit boxes should be bigger, without a doubt. No need to constrain them to the size of the icon. FWIW, I spent years as a usability (UI/UX) consultant for global banks and broadcasters.
  6. Feature request! BIG playback (prev - play/pause - next) on the album art screen. And in fact, bigger buttons on the main screen (even if only the touch area is expanded horizontally to fill the space above/below the icons).
  7. Are you able to perform a blind A/B test?nWould be interesting!
  8. I've been pondering Stillpoints. I can't get past how expensive they are for a basic piece of engineering.
  9. Had a lot more time with both now - it seems I was just more used to the D1 (and hence preferred it) at that early stage. D1 is being returned, I'm keeping the A1. Superb machine! It has more resolution than the D1, with the detail (edges) and clarity being clearer (especially at the high end - cymbals etc). Smoother. I have the MSB Analog and Aurender N10 on their way to me to compare to the A1 now :¬)
  10. That will be brand/firmware/license dependant.
  11. I will do so - thanks for the contact details.
  12. Unfortunately not (thanks though), just need to be able to browse favourite albums sorted by artist. It's basic - but fundamental - usability/functionality.
  13. Is there any way to sort favourite albums (Tidal) by artist name, rather than album name? Incredibly counter intuitive (and hard to find things) using the album name and ignoring the artist.
  14. Lumin D1. Then save a little and grab a linear PSU later down the line. Amazing sound - musical yet resolving, and also a network streamer, removing computer related issues from the equation; never worry about USB cables, drivers, synergy (or not), noise, jitter etc. Win. FWIW I know of a few people who replaced high end DACs with Lumins (EMMLabs DAC2X being one). I have the A1 and D1 with me as we speak, the D1 with a linear PSU is 90% the sound (A1 has deeper resolution, but you have to listen to hear it) of the A1. A bargain. Do audition it.
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