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  1. It would be great if they could put together a special purchase discount for Audiophile Style members!
  2. Got it - thanks. I am using Roon, upsampling to 352.8K, with the DN2800MT board and definitely sounds good. Early on - seems to have much more low frequency energy than my Al/NUC setup. The magic is there...not sure better magic. Time will tell!
  3. Thanks. I can only get to the root of the NAS('s) and not to the actual audio folder - I'll figure it out. I didn't want to mess up my 2 NUC AL setup - so I wrote the Euphony .dmg file to a 32gig MSATA drive, using a MSATA - USB adapter, and put it into my old DN2800MT. So far so good! TY!
  4. Do you know if I can connect the Euphony server to my NAS music folder instead of a USB or internal storage drive?
  5. jkelly

    HQ Player

    i9=9900k CPU Mark 201638 cores Single Thread Rating: 2900 Wow!
  6. jkelly

    HQ Player

    I am not able to run any filters (yet) @ DSD512 on the i7 NUC (AL/Roonserver/HQPlayerD). Do you know what the lightest load filter is? My NUC AL/NAA can play DSD512 from my desktop system with 4790k/1080ti. I wonder if I have something mis-configured on the NUC Server... After getting the basic system running - is there some performance tweaking that helps achieve DSD512?
  7. jkelly

    HQ Player

    I am running i7 NUC DNKE and can only get DSD 256 without stutters. Are you running that one or a more powerful NUC?
  8. Well it didn't boot - so I guess I have an answer.
  9. I just got my two NUCS up and running - thank you for all your posts and tutorials. I am able to get DSD 256 with a -2S on my i7NUC DNKE with hyperthreading and speedstep turned off. I was wondering if I can attain DSD 512 with them on? If it is possible, would turning these features on defeat the advantage of 512K. Thanks for your insite - I'll give it a try this weekend.
  10. Long time lover of music and audio equipment. 

  11. I have been using my desktop (4790k/1080Ti) as a server and want to switch to the NUC i7DNKE with AL. I would like to run Roon server and HQPlayer Embedded. What can I expect with DSD upsampling - can I still achieve 512k?
  12. Question on what should be better...(hah!) I started using a Rock64 with DietPi as a NAA. I can run 256k with poly-sinc-mp or 512k with poly-sinc-mp-2s. Wondering if this is the same thing? Going back and forth I think I like the soundstage of 512k using my headphones, but have a lot of testing to do. Given these two options - should one of these be better than the other?
  13. Now that Quboz is available in the U.S. I am using Ickstream for Quboz also.
  14. This might help: http://wiki.ickstream.com/index.php/Open_Beta_Squeezebox_Installation It seemed that the Tidal app had a limitation to how many albums it can load into Daphile, at least in mine.
  15. Fixed by going to Tidal via Ickstream. I was using the Tidal plugin.
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