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  1. I am getting data noise coming thru my system. Using a NUC - Holo Spring - Crack. Any ideas how it comes in and how to eliminate?
  2. I am trying to get a RPI-4/4G running with Roonserver. I am not able to Enable Roonserver - it stays disabled. I can enable other programs - including RoonBridge but not Roonserver. Any suggestions?
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have tried all your suggestions and still can't get both on the network at the same time. (Except - Select static IP addresses outside of the DHCP range) I'll keep at it! Jeff
  4. I have the strangest problem with my two NUC audiolinux 2 system. (Latest version). The two NUCS seem to fight over the same IP address - and my FIOS router won't provide individual IP's for each NUC. If the "master" is only powered up it ill get the IP and if the NAA NUC is only powered up it will get the same IP - but if both are powered up the 'master" seems to grab the IP - and I can't get an IP for the NAA NUC. I must be doing something wrong. Is must be a way to have them co-exist? Jeff
  5. On that same update note...if my iPad running the Roon app says there is an Roon update - and I agree to update, will that update the RoonServer on Audiolinux? Or do I have to go to the audiolinux 2 menu and update there?
  6. Running 2.0 - RAMROOT OFF - this is my ramroot.conf. Does this look ok? GNU nano 4.5 ramroot.conf #!usr/bin/ash # mounts loaded to zram: mounts_zram='UUID=9913-922E:/boot' # mounts ignored: mounts_null='' # prompt default: ps_default=yes # prompt timout: ps_timeout=8 # minimum MiB free ram: ram_min=750 # minimum MiB free zram: zram_min=250 # preferred MiB free ram: ram_pref=4000 # maximum MiB free ram: zram_max=1000
  7. Whenever I switch to ramroot, I get the same problem, but this doesn't happen with the previous version. I know I have to move the database to ext4, but don't understand why I have to with the new version. For now I will keep the non-ramroot running.
  8. All good. I rebuilt the stick and did everything with ramroot off and all seems to be work now. I'll try the ramroot after I back up this stick.
  9. Funny, I put the one version back stick back in and booted and I don't get the disk full problems: NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT FSSIZE FSAVAIL │ │ sda │ │ ├─sda1 vfat 09EC-B22A /boot 487M 439M │ │ └─sda2 ext4 02794dbc-93da-4c23-a03a-315c051dedbd │ │ zram0 / 11.6G 3.6G
  10. OK good - so I have to get the roon database over to ext4, I assume. I see your instructions on your website. Is there an option to do this in the roon installer?
  11. The only one that is questionable is: NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT │ │ FSSIZE FSAVAIL │ │ sda │ │ ├─sda1 vfat 73D0-F3F1 │ │ └─sda2 ext4 audiolinux 76770e44-3602-4a3b-9b7c-485109c5ac7a /run/media/audiolinux/audiolinux │ │ 27.6G 20.9G │ │ zram0 / │ │ 6.7G 0 I have another linux box that I run gparted on and extend ext4.
  12. Looking for a little help. I am trying to get 2.0 running. I have a two NUC system - one with Roon and HQPlayer Embedded and the other running NAA.. The previous version (1.x) worked fine. I downloaded the newest files, updated menu, updated all software. All connections are running. I see the both audio services running on the "master" NUC. After about a minute they both disappear from the Show audio services menu. Blank menu no text on it. And of course, the Roon control application blanks out. I hope this is something simple - any ideas? TY! Jeff
  13. Awesome, now there’s even more bottom end using ramroot!
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