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  1. I was playing around with a program last night: DVD Audiotools https://dvd-audio.sourceforge.io I downloaded the DVD author package. I am running this on Win7 running on VMware on a Mac...but seemed to work fine. It created an iso (and would burn a DVD if I had a drive connected). "Supported sampling frequencies range from 44.1KHz (the Red-Book CD Audio standard) up to 192KHz, with sampling depths of 16, 20 or 24 bits" It didn't like mp3's so they would have to be converted. The software allows for audio groups, so you can create g
  2. Good point. It’s been a while since I authored a DVD, but I believe you can set up chapters that jump to different sections of a large file. Either that or a separate video for each song.
  3. I am not sure I fully understand the request, however if you want to convert audio clips into mpeg video clips at 720 x 480 that can be source videos for a DVD - ffmpeg can do it: Just need a black 720 x 480 png in the same folder. Something like this: ffmpeg -loop 1 -i black.png -i 'input.wav' -c:v mpeg2video -tune stillimage -shortest 'output.mpeg' Probably best to assemble all the audio clips in Audacity and output as a single wav.
  4. The external case is reading 98F with my hand held thermometer, so I guess I am ok. TY!
  5. I am using a RPI4 with an Argon case (that has a fan connected to daughter board/GPIO pins) running your NAA image. Is there anyway to be able to install fan software to turn on the fan? curl https://download.argon40.com/argon1.sh | bash
  6. I have been spending time with NUCs and DACs and software and upsampling software and power supplies and cables (I think you get the point) that I am considering simplifying my modest headphone setup by making a move to a single box approach. I am considering a AURALiC Altair G1 for Christmas. While this is not a portable solution, it is warm sounding and could grow in your friends system. You can also connect a hard drive to make it a server. Finally the included (free) Lightning software might get me off Roon. Not sure how flexible the headphone amp is - however I could use my Cra
  7. I have an older Keces DC-115 Power supply (dual 12v) that lost one of it's outputs. Anyone know of a tech in the US (I'm in NJ) that can repair? Keces said it is too old! 🙂 Jeff
  8. I am getting data noise coming thru my system. Using a NUC - Holo Spring - Crack. Any ideas how it comes in and how to eliminate?
  9. I am trying to get a RPI-4/4G running with Roonserver. I am not able to Enable Roonserver - it stays disabled. I can enable other programs - including RoonBridge but not Roonserver. Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions. I have tried all your suggestions and still can't get both on the network at the same time. (Except - Select static IP addresses outside of the DHCP range) I'll keep at it! Jeff
  11. I have the strangest problem with my two NUC audiolinux 2 system. (Latest version). The two NUCS seem to fight over the same IP address - and my FIOS router won't provide individual IP's for each NUC. If the "master" is only powered up it ill get the IP and if the NAA NUC is only powered up it will get the same IP - but if both are powered up the 'master" seems to grab the IP - and I can't get an IP for the NAA NUC. I must be doing something wrong. Is must be a way to have them co-exist? Jeff
  12. On that same update note...if my iPad running the Roon app says there is an Roon update - and I agree to update, will that update the RoonServer on Audiolinux? Or do I have to go to the audiolinux 2 menu and update there?
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