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  1. a friend had the 40a and i could listen to them a few times. I think, for the money, they are great speakers. SCM50 cost nearly double (and ATC has new prices with 8% more since April) i took the scm45, cause they have the better tweeter like SCM50 upwards, and two basses instead of one suits my room and taste better. Think the bass volume so is comparatible with scm100. Bass is tigh and dry too. So if you can live with the black studio design (i love it) the scm45a is a good alternative to the scm40a if your room can handle a bit more bass. a good DAC with volume an
  2. yes, the furman is just a power filter i have active ATC scm45a pro and use just the automatic attenuation in the RME, manual testing brought me everytime back to the automatic value. from symetrical output i have XLR cables to the ATC, selfmade neotech NEI3004 cable with neutrik plugs
  3. it is easy to take out the preamp out of the chain for a test if the RME is good enough as a preamp direct to the Amps. For me that works fine and i use the RME directly with the Amps in my active speakers. I would use a preamp only if i need analog inputs power supply is original, but with a Furman AC-210 Power Conditioner in front (but i hear no big difference here for beeing honest, at the DAC before, there was more difference with the filter)
  4. hi there is a new firmware (V35) for the RME ADI DAC 2 from 26.03.2021 Biggest change i found, is a improved SteadyClock, filter and phase control. SteadyClock’s jitter filter now operates down to 1 Hz instead of about 200 Hz, thus reduces even very low frequency input jitter efficiently. the update App is here, took a minute over USB for me without a problem. (from V34 to V35) https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html 7 from release note 03/26/2021 ADI-2 DAC DSP 35, ADI-2 Pro FPGA 250 DSP 102. All Pro: improved performance of SRC, headroom redu
  5. please teach someone else and please excuse not everyone has your opinions
  6. Hi, i am using ATC SCM45A pro as Hifi speakers. Sound is amazing. setup is: roon on NUC (files on a NAS) - Router CAT5 - Metrum Ambre Streamer - RME ADI DAC FS - ATC SCM45A had a Metrum Adagio before, but sold it cause missing support because of their bancrupty. Now they come again in August, but i lost my faith in this company. The RME is an astonishing little DAC with a fantastic sound too and a perfect partner for the ATCs happy listening tom
  7. i tested the chromecast support with my nvidia shield box at TV, works good and displays the album cover and sometimes an Interpret picture in the background. looks very nice. Have a seperate roon streamer (Ambre), but this funktion is good for "party modus", so noboby asks "what is playing now?" ? @George i would test the connection with a simple I2S Ethernetcable, in my case it was a big improvement over the AES before (with a 400$ AES cable i used) think I2S can beat your coaxial connection in sound. regards tom
  8. to be too tom-foolish is a problem, i do know good so the Ambre has to be the serious guy in the house (without DSP) regards tom
  9. Hi George, nice little blackbox in the Ambre configuration it is limited to 192Khz. My Metrum R2R DAC can play 192Khz maximum too, so that is ok Higher bitrates or DSD Files are downsampled in my chain. I tried upsampling in roon, for example 44Khz to 192, but at the end i hear now without any dsp enabled. So the NOS Dac with analog dsp-less active speakers makes the most sense (and sound ) to me. regards tom
  10. Got my Ambre yesterday and it was the right choice. :-) In combination with I2S data transfer to my Metrum DAC it does sound much better than my Aries with HydraZ reclocker before. More than i could imagine. Bye Bye USB ;-)
  11. Metrum is shipping their Ambre Streamer now. End of the week it should be here. It has to be good, cause my Aries is sold ;-)
  12. my silver one is on order now, they will ship this thing in a few weeks, after roon certification. as an advantage, I promise myself a better sound by using a I2S connection to my Metrum Acoustis Adagio DAC, which gets a I2S Card from Metrum. regards tom
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