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  1. Dear Alex,

    I received my EtherRegen a few days ago and finally plugged it in yesterday.  My Dell computer is my server and most of my ethernet cabling is generic, with the exception of a short run of Blue Jean cable from the B side to my Auralic Vega G1.  The rest of my system a Zesto Leto 1.5 pre -amp, Aesthetix Atlas Signature amp, and MG 3.7i speakers.  I'm sure you are bored with all the praise, but I was stunned just how noticeable the change in sound quality really was, even at relatively low volume the improvements in timbral accuracy and realism, separation of instruments, meaningful detail etc were obvious.  I didn't tell my wife about the new device, but she commented spontaneously how glorious the sound was.  As others have said, you really have come up with a great product for which we are all grateful. 

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