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  1. In the end I decided to splash out a little more and get a QED Performance J2P cable. I can't believe how much cheaper you can get the same cables on the US Amazon over the UK site. Anyhow it cost me £32 for the 3m.
  2. I've just had a look and i've encountered a problem. I need a 3 metre cable if at all possible. Most of the higher quality brands simply don't do 3m cables.
  3. I'll look into those brands, see what I can get here in the UK. I appreciate the advice, thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have to say I am in two minds. It does seem like this could be a total waste of money. I had concerns solely because my current cable is very, very cheap. Just out if interest, is there a certain price point where cables start to make a difference?
  5. Hi guys, I currently own a very cheap, thin black 3.5mm to phono cable, which is running between my amp and my Macbook Pro. I think it's probably time to upgrade as there is no reason I should have such a cheap cable in my chain. I'm ideally still looking for a value cable, just one that isn't £1; the max i'd be able to spend is between £15 and £20 but ideal would be £10. Would I notice any discernible difference with a new cable at this price? Also my setup is: Macbook Pro > Audirvana Plus > Fiio E10K > Pioneer A-676 (Old) > Monitor Audio BR2's > BK XXLS400 As you can see it's a fairly basic system. The Fiio is being delivered as I type this and I just didn't want a cable to be holding the whole thing back. Any advice would be welcomed, thanks .
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