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  1. I have been very impressed with the Denafrips Terminator + combined with Gaia. At the moment I use my active ATC 50s with an ATC preamplifier. Any opinions on the Denafrips Athena? Thanks in advance.
  2. I just favour the USB4 - no major difference though. Why would a Raspberry Pi4 - I do own one - work better? By the time you add a decent power supply to the Pi you get close to M1 territory without the horsepower.
  3. Using the MacMini M1 with a Denafrips DAC via USB: which USB port works best?

  4. To connect a DAC over USB to the M1 MacMini: which USB port works best? Just received mine today - use as a Roon bridge with Denafrips DAC.
  5. I started with the ISO Regen in place to the T+. Just took delivery of the Gaia which lifts the sound quality again, although it is just in the detail - worth it!
  6. Considering: USB -> ISO Regen -> Gaia -> T+ Any thoughts?
  7. You may have to check the IP address: just make sure that you get a reply with ‘ping’ - check the last digits as I can see 35 and 39.
  8. Just a quick question regarding your experience with the Spring DAC: can you hear a - power supply related? - hum when you listen with your ear next to the DAC? I can’t hear anything from my listening position, but just wondered if this is ‘normal’. 
    Thank you,



    1. ted_b


      Hi.  No, I hear no hum.  How close?  I just tried a few inches and dead silent.

    2. wouterk


      Thanks Ted, 

      Just a few inches from the back of the unit. I never noticed, but a friend just did.


  9. I used to have the SU-1 on my original Holo Audio - Level 2. I since use the ISO Regen with linear PSU, and found the SU-1 just another link in the chain which did not improve performance. My current setup works well for me:-)
  10. Hi, Mine is the original Spring DAC - Level 2. Initially I used it with Singxer SU-1 - USB in, I2S out. I also use the ISO Regen, with a linear PSU to clean up the USB signal. I decided to take the Singxer out, as this gave me a cleaner sound as it removes one element in the chain. The new version of the DAC has better isolation on the USB, so it should perform better 'as is'.
  11. Amazing performance and recording on the BIS label of the Beethoven violin sonatas. Volume 1/3 on special offer one classical.com
  12. Glad I went for the external Samsung SSD. Stating the obvious here: quieter than mechanical disk much faster, so less CPU load Any sonic difference: up for debate, but I am happy with the performance.
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