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  1. Amazing performance and recording on the BIS label of the Beethoven violin sonatas. Volume 1/3 on special offer one classical.com
  2. Glad I went for the external Samsung SSD. Stating the obvious here: quieter than mechanical disk much faster, so less CPU load Any sonic difference: up for debate, but I am happy with the performance.
  3. Samsung T7 anyone for data storage? I am using a 2012 i7 MacMini now upgraded with 1TB internal storage. Playback via Uptone ISO Regen, Singxer to Holo Audio Spring DAC. Currently using a quiet conventional 2TB Toshiba drive which is 4 years old connected via USB. Software used is Roon. Does replacing the external storage with a Samsung T7 make sense? Thank you.
  4. A/B comparisons don’t always reveal true differences - just listen for some time to music you know really well. In my setup with Roon ISO in place my system sounded more revealing and relaxed at the same time. My setup: MacMini i7 - Roon; local storage, USB -> ISO Regen -> Singxer -> Holo Audio Spring Silver -> ATC pre amp -> ATC Anniversary 50 active
  5. Do you have a direct link for the firmware? I had a quick look, but did not see anything. Thank you
  6. Very happy after upgrading from the standard Regen (green) to ISO Regen. Looking at my audio setup this was the most logical step forwards and a worthwhile one as explained elsewhere and fortunately confirmed in my setup: Mac Mini i7 with Roon, macOS Mojave, Singxer provided USB cable, ISO Regen, Singxer SU1, Holo Audio Spring - Jensen Caps, ATC pre, ATC 50 anniversary speakers. I have never enjoyed my system more - mainly listening to classical music from CD rips to new releases in high resolution formats. My system provides a relaxed, natural, detailed sound stage wh
  7. These days there is little advantage to have sound files on a separate partition. I use MacOS X with Roon on my i7 MacMini - sounds great, so why the hassle of installing Windows 2012 server?
  8. Please don’t - I chose the Spring for it’s sound quality- any items interfering in the signal path are therefore not ‘a good idea’.
  9. I asked Jeff the question on USB: his reply: " DXD is a 384K PCM stream, Spring can support it by USB and I2S port. Spring’s USB is quite good, but I suggest to add this https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=45642395436 It will help a lot on the usb connection of Spring." The link is his Re clock USB device. For I2S the SU1 seems the most obvious solution because of the quality of the components used.
  10. I bought it too - great performance and recording; it gives a new window on the music.
  11. Have you compared these 2 options? Singxer sounds good with short cable to Holo Audio Spring DAC
  12. CA app on iOS does not seem to work yet - looks as if a lot went into the transformation! Well done for getting everything across. 

  13. That is why I opted for 'level 2' of the Holo DAC and use it with the Singxer SU1. I only received it a few days ago, so just running in. My first impressions are definitely favourable - detailed, refined, not a hint of agressivenes anywhere. Listened to a mixture of Cd rips, high res PCM and DSD. I will post once I have done a full assessment in a couple of weeks time. I play classical violin, have been to many live concerts and listened to quite a lot of high end kit. From experience: every adjustment in the chain makes a difference. Silver components can 'mellow' sound slightly - the desi
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