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  1. What a full Denafrips stack brought me: I was sold 4 years ago on R2R with the Holo Spring DAC while working in mainland China. Back in the U.K. a friend offered to buy the Holo off me, so time for a replacement. I realised that I had not been listening to my high end CD player for the past few years after spending spare time over a year to create lossless rips of my 1000+ CDs and SACDs. As the Gaia came highly recommended this was a logical companion to the T+. The final piece fell in place a few days ago with the arrival of the Athena as a replacement of the ATC CA2 pre amplifier.
  2. As a Terminator Plus and Gaia owner I can vouch for the quality and sonic experience. Vinshine and Alvin have provided excellent service and prompt shipments. Highly recommended! I enjoyed reading the positive review.
  3. I have been very impressed with the Denafrips Terminator + combined with Gaia. At the moment I use my active ATC 50s with an ATC preamplifier. Any opinions on the Denafrips Athena? Thanks in advance.
  4. I just favour the USB4 - no major difference though. Why would a Raspberry Pi4 - I do own one - work better? By the time you add a decent power supply to the Pi you get close to M1 territory without the horsepower.
  5. Using the MacMini M1 with a Denafrips DAC via USB: which USB port works best?

  6. To connect a DAC over USB to the M1 MacMini: which USB port works best? Just received mine today - use as a Roon bridge with Denafrips DAC.
  7. I started with the ISO Regen in place to the T+. Just took delivery of the Gaia which lifts the sound quality again, although it is just in the detail - worth it!
  8. Considering: USB -> ISO Regen -> Gaia -> T+ Any thoughts?
  9. You may have to check the IP address: just make sure that you get a reply with ‘ping’ - check the last digits as I can see 35 and 39.
  10. Just a quick question regarding your experience with the Spring DAC: can you hear a - power supply related? - hum when you listen with your ear next to the DAC? I can’t hear anything from my listening position, but just wondered if this is ‘normal’. 
    Thank you,



    1. ted_b


      Hi.  No, I hear no hum.  How close?  I just tried a few inches and dead silent.

    2. wouterk


      Thanks Ted, 

      Just a few inches from the back of the unit. I never noticed, but a friend just did.


  11. I used to have the SU-1 on my original Holo Audio - Level 2. I since use the ISO Regen with linear PSU, and found the SU-1 just another link in the chain which did not improve performance. My current setup works well for me:-)
  12. Hi, Mine is the original Spring DAC - Level 2. Initially I used it with Singxer SU-1 - USB in, I2S out. I also use the ISO Regen, with a linear PSU to clean up the USB signal. I decided to take the Singxer out, as this gave me a cleaner sound as it removes one element in the chain. The new version of the DAC has better isolation on the USB, so it should perform better 'as is'.
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