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  1. An associate of ours got his fully loaded vehicle that was probably $35 - $40K for $17K with barely any miles on it for that reason as well.
  2. Money means different things to different people. A buddy of mine is thinking of spending $70K on the new 2021 Corvette. He gasped when I told I was thinking about spending $4K on a new stereo amplifier. (and he knows how good $10K+ equipment sounds) His other friend spent $150K recently on a new car. Of course, $150K to my buddy is outrageous, but $70K to him is totally worth it. To me, $4K is absolutely reasonable to get the best sound quality, especially something that will last me the rest of my life. (unlike a car, which will lose its value very rapidly and last only a few short years compared to a stereo component) Either way, no one should feel guilty about purchasing what they want, when they want, as long as their family is provided for. The rest of the world is not your responsibility, nor should you feel pressured to not enjoy yourself just because someone else can't afford what you can. BTW, this is isn't the first time this has come up: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/in-the-middle-of-a-pandemic-stereophile-reviews-30k-equipment Honestly, if one is concerned about spending "too much" on luxury items, you're probably in the wrong hobby in the wrong places. Nobody "needs" any of this stuff, when a pair of cheap speakers/headphones and a laptop PC will do "good enough". The audio hobby is supposed to be fun. I wouldn't drop $27K on an audio server (probably?) but that doesn't mean I don't like reading about them and having fun looking at all the new toys and technology in my hobby. I'm in the hobby to escape the world, not feel guilty or concerned about what I should be doing/reading instead.
  3. Talk to Chris about it. You seem really good at harassing Chris into following Chris's policies.
  4. I'd buy whatever you need if you can afford to do so, whenever you need to. If/when the LH L comes, keep it as a second system or sell it.
  5. Yamaha tends to run slightly "bright", as well having a slightly exciting sound signature, so finding some darker, kind of mellow speakers (such as Wharfedale, which match VERY well with Yamaha) would be your best bet. But someone can probably point you in that direction.
  6. Google Voice DOES keep that history, and it's not there. At no point was this intended to "buy off" a complaint, nor was it mentioned, nor was it ever intended, nor was it ever thought about. Nor was it going to substitute for your Pulse unit. It was simply an effort to make things more right for you than they previously were, for a variety of reasons, none of which actually had to do with you badmouthing LH. Unfortunately, it appears that was a wasted effort. (and YES, I did ask LH to send a player as a special favor [exclusively for you] for the situation, and yes, that request was rejected, because, as was rightly forecasted, you would announce it to the public and cause more problems for LH) Here's the chat, raw and unedited, to be "forthright".
  7. https://support.lhlabs.com/a/solutions/articles/13000073888 Hi all, We have shipped almost ALL of the US exchange orders from our office. We have a very small handful (4 right now) remaining we are finishing up, but essentially everyone in the US should have received their exchanges or should be receiving them this week/beginning of next week. The international exchanges will be shipping from our China office (and we have shipped a good amount out already). The office is wanting to verify the shipping addresses on those shipments, so we will be emailing you. You'll be emailed when the IEMs leave the office with the tracking information. Thanks again for working with us on this and we hope everyone is enjoying and will enjoy their IEMs. - LH Labs team
  8. FYI, this is a mistaken memory. We have never spoken via phone or voice chat or anything else. I am looking at my entire call history right now (dating back from 2017 to today) with every customer I've ever interacted with. You are not in that list. We have only ever interacted via email or text message. And it goes without saying, I certainly have no knowledge or recollection of calling you, nor do I have any knowledge of what your voice sounds like.
  9. 1. I stated he was pissed because you called me a liar publicly, and I have the text message and screenshot to prove it. It had zero to do with you badmouthing him/the company/the products. 2. You originally stated that I told you the Pulse would be shipping out that week. I have gone through every message I had with you that I can find (email, phone, etc.) and cannot find anywhere where I promised you that. If you have proof of me telling you that, show the receipts. 3. After fighting for you behind the scenes and reaching out to you in good faith, even after you (falsely) called me a liar, you dragged this out in public, where it wasn't needed or necessary. I guess it was a move. Anyway, have a nice day. No hard feelings.
  10. This is what I'd recommend, if you're using something like Bose. It's an amazing experience for music. Other than that, probably a Fiio M11 / M11 Pro if you'd like an "exquisite" experience.
  11. Have you tried some Memorex?
  12. A well sorted rig means all the components are carefully matched and work well together (synergy). There are no weaknesses to the system. Thought and care have been placed into the components and the system was designed to sound a specific way.
  13. 1. Will update shipment info later. 2. People can have multiple IEMs for the exchange at 30 percent off. Full details of exchange program here: https://support.lhlabs.com/a/solutions/articles/13000071397
  14. The information I gave you was based on the information I had directly from the office. I did not lie to you, nor would I have had any reason to lie to you, nor have I lied to any customers. But I suppose its easier to blame me and lash out at me from desperation and frustration than it is to blame the people behind the origin of the information, especially when they aren't publicly around to blame.
  15. I can tell you that exchange program has been in the works long before the complaint. LH never had stock to exchange with before. This is another conspiracy theory, just like the one that said I was only brought on for compliance with the IGG changes (I was brought on before the changes). No one has ever proven that IGG funds were used for LH products. Its commonly stated but always with zero evidence (very conveniently). LH L has always denied the accusations and based on my discussions with the LH L staff, I tend to believe all the IGG funds went directly towards LH L staff, development and overhead costs, exactly as has been described to me. Also you can trace the development path of the Wave to see what a mess it was. Also, "a few Select people" is really a dishonest representation of the exchange program and how that works. Anyone in the Pulse or Analog campaigns can participate. Other exchange programs may be opened up too depending on how this one goes and inventory allows.
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