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  1. Good to note. Does anyone know the deal with CanJam NOT being held there this year? I was thinking about going this year but when I heard CanJam was not going to be an attraction, I decided to save my energy and resources.
  2. I listened off Questyle Golden Reference system and a Headamp GS-X mk2 + Chord Qutest, just fwiw.
  3. What was the type of music most of the vendors were playing? Mostly older or anything newer?
  4. Please take pictures and post your impressions. :)
  5. Did anyone hit the Zeos - 'Affordable Gear' room?
  6. @AudezeLLC I recently had the pleasure of listening to the LCD-4z through a dealer in Las Vegas. I ended up loving the headphone and thought it was fantastic in all aspects. My experience with sound quality was 100% the complete opposite of what the reviewer has stated his experience was like. Keep the up the good work and I appreciate you coming onto the forum and clearing up this matter.
  7. Unsure if joking or not, but John's been using his middle initial for years.
  8. The studios don't make the liner notes. The record label does. Unless there's a studio you're specifically referring to that acts as its own label. The studio is there to rent space for recording only. It does not dictate to the studio what to put in the liner notes, nor is it responsible for shouldering any physical distribution costs associated with physical products.
  9. On a serious note, has anyone tried an Audioquest Monsoon cable? Did they feel it did nothing or did it make a difference?
  10. The volume issue I'm referring to was for Windows for (at least) the Dragonfly Black. You'd get to literally volume level 2 or 3 and the DAC would be MAX VOLUME ANDALMOSTORCOMPLETELYBLOWOUTYOUREARDRUMSANDYOUREQUIPMENT.
  11. Someone reported the insane volume level issue present on Dragonfly Black (and supposedly Red) is still present on Cobalt when using Windows 10.
  12. Same issue. Driving my Black, I can't go past 5 or 6 (MAX) without it exploding my headphones (Senn 558) on Windows 10. On other headphones, it may be notch 2-3 before my ears or headphones are damaged. No such issue with any other DAC such as the Radsone ES100 or my Geek Outs.
  13. MSRP it's worth about $4,700 for the headphone system, depending on what components are hooked up. I'm very happy with it generally speaking. Of course, I didn't pay anywhere near that.
  14. If people are going to these bars and expecting to hear the best vinyl (meaning, the actual platter) experience (and using digitally sourced vinyl), then they're not understanding the hobby or technology and are misinformed. I think mostly these bars are using older LPs that were NOT digitally sourced though, so I don't think it's that big of an issue. On the other hand, if they're going to these bars for the physical experience (ie, cool looking machinery, excellent sounding speakers, nice lounge atmosphere, etc.) then they're getting their money's worth and I'm sure it's really fun, unique experience. Personally, I think most people who go to these bars go for 75% experience/atmosphere, and MAYBE 25 percent "sound".
  15. As someone with 2 sets of Adams, they're really not that great sounding for a living room unless your ears are directly in line with the tweeters. Otherwise, everything goes out of phase and sounds weird. Their vertical dispersion is crap. If your guests are sitting directly in that narrow band though, they sound great. Would highly advise getting a set of stands that are perfectly measured for couch sitting (ear height) or just putting them on a desk with appropriate stands for the ear height. Or just go with Edifier who, from everything I've read, makes great speakers.
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