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  1. Hi Anyone here having experience of DIY speakers. My guess is that build quality is below commercial ones,, but sound quality? /lg
  2. Hi Anyone used irDac 2 yet? Planning to use it at preamp. /lg
  3. Hi Is it possible to regulate volume out using a dlna control point, for example BubbleUpnp. If so,, is it hardware or software controlled. /lg
  4. I am also surprised of the low or low knowledge of USB HID. I even have been in a couple of hi-shops and asked same question. They just looked confused... Today I have a couple of Raspberry Pi with cheap I2s DAC's connected directly to a power amp. The DAC's have support for hardware volume control(DAC chip takes care of volume). I can regulate volume directly from BubbleUpnp, sitting in my chair, without any quality loss. I would like to have a better DAC without los. So far found none... /lg
  5. He is aware about that link. Unfortunately it did not work for him. Just to be clear. He is extremely satisfied with C390 despite this. The shop will compensate him with a external Blue Sound and he thinks C390 sounds terrific.
  6. Not sure is a valid comment, but. Friend of mine invested in a Blue sound module for his Nad. It turned out that the module lost all settings when turning of the Nad. The shop confirmed that it was a known bug but was unable to fix the problem. It can be a good idea to wait a whileto purchase until the most critical bugs are removed. /lg
  7. Hi Is ifi nano supporting USB HID in a Windows environment? Any other DAC supporting USB HID. /lg
  8. Hi Since Kubric's Barry Lyndon I have been in love in this piece. Can somebody recommend a good HD version. /lg
  9. There are a lot of raspberry pi DAC's on the market. Are they any good in absolute terms? I guess they perform well relative their price but how do they perform compared dedicated well known brands. /lg
  10. +1 on the King's College, that was actually my first ever recording of this work and I still like it very much. AN alternative to the Alarcon which I don't know is Alessandrini with Sandra Mingardo. It's Vivaldi on Extasy, but very enjoyably so.* I havet that one,, unfourtnatly not so impressed by the quality of the sound. /lg
  11. Hi and thanks. Qobuz is unfourtnatly out of reach for me. I will try to find those downloads on other places. /lg
  12. Hi I recently fell in love with Vivaldi and his master piece Gloria. Can anyone recommend me to a hires download with high artistic performance. Regards lg
  13. I am aware that it is hard to reproduce live sound. But should not live sound be the goal for the design effort? Otherwise, what is the design goal? //regards //lg
  14. I regularly visits concerts, classical and jazz, and I must say that my hifi system gives instruments and voices a different character than the originals. I have never listened on a hifi system, regardless price, that have reproduced a natural sound. Has hifi sound its own character to be regarded as hifi. /lg /sorry for my language
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