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  1. Hi Miska i have the same problem i took the desktop but now with euphony i need embedded. thank you.
  2. Potresti prendere il supermicro X11SCL-F come raccomandato da Marcin e quindi inserire l'apacer RAM. Questa scheda madre ha 3 slot PCI Express. You can also mount JCAT USB and LAN cards.
  3. Good evening Alex, there is a problem of connection with the Uptone website from Italy that is not accessible. To be able to connect, I had to use an American proxy. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, hi Superdad, I have a problem with L'iso regen and audiolinux. In practice, my dac is not detected with jlsound v3 con xmos . Sometimes randomly switching the dac off and on again and detaching the cable detects the dac. Everything works perfectly with win 10 and windows server 2016, tested both with a PC optimized with xeon that also with a nuc. What could it be? I've always known that the so regen is a transparent device to the operating system, but here it seems to be a problem with linux. Thanks.
  5. Hi BigMac my nuc with celeron as an endpoint with 2 4GB banks works perfectly with the LPS1.2, you will still have something to disable in the bios.
  6. Hi, Unfortunately from my research it is not possible to use two cards in bridge on server core Windows.
  7. Hi, for me: 1. SOtM sMS-200 2. Tx USB Ultra 3. SOtM SPS-500
  8. Hi. this should be entirely digital http://lyngdorf.com/tdai-2170/
  9. The adjustable tension with the screw varies from 5V to 19.5V
  10. Hi. Do you think I can handle the pcm dsd-512 conversion with a I7 6700 t? Thanks to all is always congratulate Miska to have developed this excellent software price that I love.
  11. hi, How are you doing xeon processor converting pcm-dsd 256 easily
  12. Yes the JCAT it is also low profile also having the small bracket.
  13. Hi AudioPhil I would like to upgrade my version of AO AO 1.4 to 2.0 by taking advantage of the discount, but it is not my email in the database, I sent email with details of the payment made through paypal. Thank you. Michele.
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