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  1. In my experience to many forums have become much less civil places for human interaction than even half dozen years ago. So much more anger these days and we also have to be concerned about outside agitators stoking hostility amongst us. I can understand why some just say, "why bother?" Use to think free speech above all else, but now appreciate great sense in NYT's and other sites with reader comments scoured by a very discriminating editor.
  2. Sold my N1A months after they appeared on UK market many years ago. Melco were talking about possible control app even back then. Used the Lumin app with my Melco, not ideal but basic functions worked OK with it.
  3. Careful. Sellers bringing revenue to the man usually come out on top.
  4. Lesson taken. Ability to laugh at ourself somehow negates the ignorances and gullibilities we fall into over and over again?
  5. Aware of active bookshelf speakers Kelly. An issue with some active speakers I otherwise like is the internal DAC is a limitation. Over one-quarter of my digital music library are DSF files which I acquired by converting my old SACD discs with a Playstation, etc. with instructions I got right here on CA forum years back. Owned a pair of the non-active KEF LS50's for a spare bedroom when I still owned a home and they were nice speakers within their limitations. I have not been impressed with DSP room correction I have heard, though I have not heard the latest DSP components. Thinking it is important to have a separate amp and DAC/Pre and not an all-in-one component based on my experiences with all-in-one boxes. Be nice if Chord, Benchmark or other competitor would offer small footprint digital music player with SQ as good as the affordable Aurender or Melco players which would match their amp/DAC for stacking. Some Harbeth P3ESR, LS50 or similar size/quality bookshelf would be good enough. Though limited in the lower frequencies, have discovered this is not as important to me as when I was younger. Then again I mostly listen to Jazz and small ensemble chamber music. It's a gloriously liberating feeling when one gets to a place in life where they can reduce their stuff to size that fits in one small room. Ones memories will fill all the other spaces (:
  6. "One challenge when writing product reviews is to select the audience for which one is writing. Given that this site has a large contingent of readers with very high end audio systems and discerning ears, this usually helps narrow the scope of items to address in the review. However, writing for the faithful readers only, doesn't help our wonderful hobby expand beyond its current boundaries and expose civilians to the joys of great sounding music." Suspect more than a few music and audio equipment enthusiasts are similar to me in their needs. That is being over sixty, having completed or in process of downsizing their material possessions yet desiring audio system with outstanding sound while having small footprint and low weight. I suspect many seniors audio enthusiasts have turned to headphone based audio systems for its space saving attributes. The increase in the audiophile headphone market is lost on none of us, and I know several who sold their big audio systems and moved solely to headphone systems. I will continue to look for a compact audio system with stellar sound quality that I can place in a very small senior living space. Have looked at Chord Electronics TToby/Hugo TT, the Benchmark Amplifier/Dac3 combo as well as several other small audio systems. The rub is trying to match a small floorstanding speaker/bookshelf speaker system with the amplification side of things. Audio enthusiast websites, professional reviewers seldom review/address systems for audio enthusiasts desiring small footprint systems for limited spaces. Although I currently use a headphone system only, I always have the want for a speaker based audio system that has outstanding sound quality which fits my living space. Judging by the age demographic I've seen at audio shows, there must be more people like me.
  7. Every pro reviewer? That snip aside, largess of digital music file libraries are overwhelmingly mp3 or at best Redbook outside the obsessive about their gear audiophile community of which I am a guilty participant. A good part of my music library consists of DSF and 96-192 PCM files, so I have a dog in the fight for more capable onboard DACs.
  8. Non-upgradeable DACs from mid-level-up components are issue for longevity. If no upgradable DAC, perhaps KEF will have incarnation of powered speaker with DAC which can process more types of high resolution files? If so may become interested in KEF again after my positive impressions with their KEF LS50s.
  9. Yes there are always better deals. I own one car, a fifteen year old Subaru Forester that runs great and has very good crash test rating. Just got my tag renewal bill: forty-two dollars. Harley Davidson's are big out here where I live. Besides being grossly overpriced, many models are a noise nuisance much like vehicles with subwoofers that thump thump thump along our residential streets shaking windows. I think motorcyclists should be required to wear approved helmets in every state. Should motorists just decide to wear seatbelts or not? Should everyone pay higher insurance rates because many motorcyclists refuse to wear helmets? I've gone by several motorbike accident scenes where rescue workers were scraping rider off tarmac. Saving money is good. Dittos common sense and respect for others. Oh yeah. I'm a veteran and my opinions here are not popular with vets ;-)
  10. Assumes I have smartphone. Guessing I'm one of few in my age demographic who has never owned a smartphone. Everytime I go to a library and see the books mostly ignored and every other person with earbuds, heads bent down, eyes squinting at tiny screens..reminds me how at peace I am with my simple flip phone just to send and receive calls. $20 a month + tax. Didn't need 24/7 mobile internet access back then and don't need it now.
  11. Ah yes of course. Since the QP1R has no Bluetooth function, will not be able to control it wirelessly. Have to come up with another way to control my digital files through a portable speaker without using the QP1R. Owned an Aurender, Lumin A1 and Melco N1A but sold all as just looking for simple, portable music playback these days to suppliment my headphone/DAP listening.
  12. Not interested in streaming so much as connecting Questyle QP1R to The Three via aux 3.5mm to 3.5mm and control playback via Bluetooth on iPad. Doable? Which app(s) would be good choices for iPad control point in this setup?
  13. Once owned Compact 7's (ES3) and P3ESR's. Powered the Compact 7's with an LFD NCSE. Had nice LFD speaker cables. Source was an Esoteric disc player. Moved on to ripping my CD library and exclusive use of digital file player and Devialet integrated with some expensive KEF speakers. After the change and even today think back to the glorious sound quality of Harbeth's with LFD integrated and play of actual discs in quality disc player. God I miss that sound.
  14. Not this Hi-res music enthusiast. Over two-thirds of my large music library is Hi-res and I spent years converting and laborously correcting tags and cover art yet I'm all for advancements as well popularity of streaming, MQA and all else that gives music lovers more choices. I'm old and won't be around that long, but exciting times lie ahead for music lovers and audio system enthusiasts. Love to jump in a time machine and see what best of music reproduction is like fifty years from now :-)
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