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  1. Thank you for another fantastic review! I really appreciate all of your points of comparison. I love my PS Audio DS DAC too - a lot of value for the money.
  2. Thanks Josh for the outstanding work!! I really appreciate the technical comparisons of each version. I have several different versions of this title, including a few vinyl rips, and the 2012 hi-res version is my favorite too. Look forward to your next project.
  3. Just went through a similar data backup decision a few months ago. I have 20TB of music on a Synology DS1517+ NAS. I researched several of the cloud-based storage solutions but ultimately went with a matching Synology NAS for backup. It's not a cheap option (cost approx $3k for 50TB) but it should provide backup for many years and when you spread that cost over its life, it's not too bad on an annual basis. The setup is expandable too if I ever need more in the future. After I completed the initial 20TB backup on my local network, I moved the backup server offsite (to my in-laws house) and now just perform incremental updates nightly (at 2am when we're not generally on-line). Synology's Hyperbackup utility makes the whole process relatively easy. Best regards, Tony
  4. Does anyone know if the Marantz AV8802A supports multi-channel DSD via HDMI? It uses the AK4490 32-bit DACs on all channels which supports 11.2 MHz DSD so maybe?
  5. Thanks Shawn. Oh yeah, I've tried several workarounds to my current issue with the iPhone. I stream often from JRiver but that introduces another set of issues. I travel a lot. Have you tried the wifi connection on American Airlines lately? I can barely get 64Kbps transcoded data to stream on their flights. I also have several hills around me and there are three Verizon dropout points on my drive to work. With my Samsung I could use JRiver to sync any file in any format to my phone. As you said, with ALAC files and my iPhone...I'm SOL In my world: - My car stereo works better with iPhone and iPods, especially the early gen Wolfson DAC classics - iPod classics work better with ALAC files, they don't play FLAC or hi res files (without mods my car stereo doesn't like) - My multi-resolution music collection works better through JRiver - JRiver works (syncs) better with Android (or any non-IOS device) - JRiver will sync FLAC files to my iPhone (with an iExplorer workaround) but since I use my car iPod more I keep everything in ALAC files - My iPhone works better with iTunes (of course) - My home network, mostly DLNA works better with JRiver and often has to down convert all high-res files - My Headphone DAC supports DSD files and (fortunately) works well with all mobile devices - None of my DACs support multi-channel DSD - My main Marantz 8801 does not support DSD but it supports multi-channel hi-res (through HDMI) - Oh and let's not forget, my phone works better when I'm on the same OS as my wife who also likes to check out new tech every couple years (especially with proprietary IOS apps) My experience has been each of these platforms have there issues and wacky, frustrating and sometimes costly workarounds...which often rinse, cycle and repeat after each OS update or I change just one link in the chain. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  6. Great article Chris!! I've recently gone through a slightly similar frustrating experience but in my case, converting from my recalled Samsung Note 7 to an iPhone 7+. I use an Oppo HA-2 DAC/Amp with a manual volume control so I didn't have the enumerating volume level issue with my Samsung that you and others have had with the DragonFly. I've used the Onkyo HF Player and had no issues streaming hi-res and DSD files (via DoP) to my Oppo w/JH16 setup. The issue I'm having with my new iPhone is it doesn't sync well with JRiver. JRiver recognizes the Samsug as an external hard drive - it actually provides seperate devices for the phone's internal memory and one for the 256gb SD card and automatically syncs playlists to either location. Apple only allows syncing through iTunes but after some research, sorting through a lot of misinformation (like some crazy jailbreak solutions) and going through several trial purchases, I finally found iExplorer that almost worked for me. It does well to sync DSD files but with ALAC files, JRiver can synch them but IOS prevents JRiver from seeing them again after syncing. So JRiver re-syncs duplicate (renamed files) again every time I reconnect. In order to get ALAC files to sync to the iPhone, I have to manually export playlists from JRiver to iTunes and use iTunes to synch them. Good grief! Add it to the list of first world problems Looking forward to seeing how you progress through this transition.
  7. I was able to find a local person who rolled my PS3 firmware back to 3.55 (he charged $70) and I just backed up my first SACD. Thanks Ted_B and all on this forum! Here's Mike's info if others in the SoCal area are in need of PS3 work. He is very helpful and was done in a few hours - highly recommended!
  8. Hello all, I've been keeping up with this forum for a little while but this is my first post (I've been a bit more active on Steve Hoffman's forum in the past). I've really appreciated reading through all of the background on how to backup SACDs! I have 100 or so SACDs that I would love to backup and load into JRiver to stream DSFs to my DAC. I have a PS3 model CECHA01 that I've had since new but it's now running firmware 4.50. From what I've gathered there's not an easy way to return it to 3.55 - is that correct? If not, any recommendations on where I can buy a good condition unit running 3.55 (I would prefer one that's loaded and ready to go)? I live in Orange County CA and can pay local or through PayPal. Best regards, Tony ps. Just posted on Audio Circle also so sorry for the repeat for those reading there too.
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