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  1. I started this several years ago, a number of sites, advisors, and experts recommended ripping to WAV or AIFF. But no, I did not. Yes, in some shape or order. I was hoping that as most of these tracks were cleaned in iTunes that the info was also placed into the file. I never realized it was a library within iTunes and not written into the files themselves. I'm looking for a software that could write the information from iTunes library and tag the source files. The other alternative is to use DB and make this a project to go through the source files.
  2. I was hoping you may be able to answer this question. Several years ago I converted from MP3 to AIFF and recently started using JRiver. I had used DBpower to convert the files. Since iTunes displayed album art and song info, not until I initiated Jriver that an error occurred with the conversion. There is no metadata imbedded in any of the files. Until I exported an XML. file from iTunes to JRiver that album art and info was visible in JRiver. Still have a number of small issues but I would like to fix the library. Tuneup is a software that can search and add metadata and automatically fill in the missing info but it doesn't use AIFF. Is there a similar software that can use AIFF or FLAC files to work with?
  3. I was hoping someone might share their opinion of EMM Labs DA2 reference DAC vs the DAC2X DAC. The feature list for the DA2 has a bullet point for a clock. Or has anyone added a Master clock into the mix for the DAC2X? Next generation MCLK2™ proprietary custom clock
  4. I would share that Amarra (3) symphony using iTunes as the controller works the best for me. Looking forward to the new version of Luxe. I've seen a number of posts discussing building PC based versions of music servers, has anyone come across a mac version? I went to the YFS folks for an upgraded power supply and that worked well with the mini, I was just wondering if a server specially built for Amarra might be a possibility.
  5. Thanks mneveux! Finally a post that didn't contain someone's disgruntled rant or ill thoughts for SS's performance. I was about to disconnect from watching this thread until your post. Hopefully the folks whose discontent that clog up this thread will understand that a forum is not their personal psychiatrist for their inner negative rants. Seriously folks, would you want your sons or daughters to be on the listening side of these posts that you are banging out here? I can see why SS is silent, it doesn't encourage them, and it only belittles them. Disclaimer, I have a love/hate relationship with Amarra Symphony, it freezes frequently, yet I have not been able to find anything that compares to its SQ performance. FYI, Amarra sQ+ does not compare to Symphony. With that said, I will continue to use AS with the hopes that one day I will find the grail in another product or A4 luxe.
  6. Really Boatheelmusic? You had to share THAT opinion? Chris, I enjoyed the read! I will share that this was my first show to attend and I enjoyed it. All of the items of discontent the folks have mentioned I can agree with their point of view. However, those same issues were helpful reviewing the equipment I was interested in. One song was continuously played in several rooms, while not something I would purchase, it did work the equipment to the show the benefits of each system. I liked the Yvette’s, but the folks with Joseph Audio really showed off their speakers better than most manufacturers. And some folks really did not seem to care how they were set up considering their software had a room correction feature. Thumbs up for Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, and let's add Sia! :-)
  7. Thanks, been looking at the mRendu. Can you use third party software with it such as Amarra? Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  8. I downloaded the trial version, sounded "canned" and "muffled" compared to version 3. I questioned the support staff why it didn't include the ARC function, their advice was to use Amarra SQ+ and channel Amarra4 through it. That still didn't quite reach the SQ level as version 3. I have allot of high hopes for version4 and it appears to be released too early.
  9. Tranz, I just started reading this thread, lots to digest. I would like to ask two questions regarding using Amarra and a thunderbolt connection via a Seagate 4TB drive. I have compered a number of products and I find myself always going back to Amarra ver. 3. Unfortunately, the software continues to freeze on my Mac Mini. I started to consider moving to a NAS for storage until I started reading your thread. Sonic Studio has tried and failed to provide a solution for freezing and I believe it may be the speed or lack of between the drive and mini. You mentioned you found the tbolt advantageous over firewire. what was your experience for the comment?
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