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  1. Chris that main room looks amazing! Have to wonder how the folks who spent all the effort to put on the show would feel about reading your headline. Sounds like you had a wonderful experience at my sound but maybe that can stand alone rather than be comparative. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work, Karl
  2. My understanding from reading their website is the Dirac version of mini DSP hardware creates a single 96k filter rather than one for each sample rate in use. I therefore assumed that it sample rate converts the incoming stream to 96k regardless of source sample frequency.
  3. Hi, I'm considering purchasing an auralic aries but I'm using drc and looking for advise on how to replicate the drc aspects of my current system. I have about 3000 CDs ripped into flac but find my self increasing using tidal as a source. The current system is Audiovana or tidal -> Dirac live on a Mac mini -> dcs Scarlatti clock -> dcs Scarlatti dac ->pass labs x600s -> sonus faber scalarti homage. I'm eagerly awaiting native drc for the Aries but in the meantime Looking for ideas. I'm about to move all my music to a synology ds1515+. So I see two possible options 1)Explore inserting a hardware Dsp box in the signal path between the clock and the dac 2)Pre processing my music on the nas (which will obviously not work for tidal) For option 1 I've looked at the mini Dsp units but the sample rate conversion they do scares me. Any other approcahes I'm missing? Thanks in advance Karl
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