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  1. I'd be interested in 4.0 as 4.22 is popping like mad and it's doing my head in, worried it's doing my speakers damage when playing loud and switch tracks. I don't have an earlier version on my PC so if you could send me a link to 4.0 is be grateful. 😊
  2. Pretty sure they'll be on holiday so I wouldn't expect any update or a fix until they return in the new year.
  3. MPD is fine, Roon I think needs a little tweak in the settings on the SoTm, read further back to find it.
  4. 4.5 is fine using MPD and Roon, however the stuttering issue is with Squeezelite. No one yet has come up with a solution. Changing the default settings within Squeezelite option on the SoTm setup page to custom and setting the output figure DOES NOT fix it.
  5. 4.5 definitely won't work for me using Squeezelite I even tried the 'custom' settings as mentioned earlier in the thread but still stutters.
  6. MPD worked fine for me even when I was getting stuttering with Squeezelite. I'm pretty sure the issue is with Squeezelite itself. I've not tried the custom setting suggested above, I'm going to try it out now and see if I can fix it.
  7. It's been tried on a 16gb card too and still glitching issues on Squeezelite setting.
  8. Been using 4.22 since yesterday with no issues, don't think I'll be trying 4.5 again until it's fixed.
  9. I've just reverted back to the 4.22 version and it's working fine. I noticed though that previously I'd been using an 8gb card and the file size for 4.5 is just shy of 8gb, I'm wondering if that's been the issue. I'm going to redo 4.5 onto this 16gb card I'm testing 4.22 on just now and see if that's been the problem.
  10. Ok so now I've tested Librespot and Spotify Connect via the Spotify Android app and all is good there too ?
  11. So... Not a single stutter since last post 22 minutes ago using Bubble uPnP and the MPD/DLNA setting in the SMS 200. Looks like the issue is definitely Squeezelite and they LMS setting.
  12. Ok I've just tried it on MPD/DLNA setting and it's playing perfectly no stutters at all. So it would appear that the issue is with the Squeezelite option. Playing 1400kbps 44.1khz Flac files using Bubble uPnP app for control and no issues at all.
  13. Just tried Spotify and single stutter at 57 secs, then another 2 @ 90 secs, then multiple stutters at 120 secs ☹️
  14. Stuttering as soon as I started to stream a radio station @128kbps this am, then it played fine for 5 minutes then stuttered again. Unusable as far as I'm concerned unless there is a fix for this issue.
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