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  1. Well, that answers that!
  2. Jacobacci: Do you have adequate broadband speed to stream hi-res music files in real time? If not, that may be your problem.
  3. Initially I experienced a similar problem. I then deleted all other/older versions (Symphony 3, Amarra for TIDAL, Amarra 4, etc.) from my apps folder. The next time I started up Amarra Luxe, it again asked me once again to install the update. However, that time, it updated successfully and I have had no further issues since that time. (Ignore the rig list below. It is outmoded but Computer Audiophile/Style has not incorporated my updates. How apropos!)
  4. New version Amarra Luxe w/iRC has been working perfectly well for three weeks now. Outstanding sound. Not a hitch in library (24,000+ tracks) or playback performance, except for a very slight 'tick' when selecting a new track or album. I also possess, but do not currently use, HQPlayer and Audirvana. Have cancelled TIDAL and Roon, the latter primarily because of failure to improve the "Discover" feature, the former because Qobuz provides Hi-Res and meets my library requirements. NB, I haven't attempted to use the IOS app. Why push my luck? P.S. Since I can't seem to update my profile, I should point out that the one below is outmoded.
  5. They don't all work well together, but I've held on to all of these exemplary components, even when they weren't/aren't in my system. In order of acquisition they are: - Dynavector 10X4 cartridge (now have the 10X5Mk-whatever) - Naim NAC160 power amplifier - Naim NACA5 speaker cable - PS Audio Power Plant 300 - REL Strata II subwoofer - Goldring 1042 MM cartridge - Spendor SP2/3 speakers - LTA MicroZOTL 2 preamplifier - Chord Mojo DAC (in a long, expensive list of CD players, SACD players and DACs, the first that works for my ears.) ...and the plastic AR tracking force gauge that came with my first turntable.
  6. Pushing your budget a little, the Chord Mojo is $537 on Amazon. An outstanding DAC and you probably won't be tempted to upgrade for a long time.
  7. Sidelined equipment includes Benchmark DAC1 HDR, Geek Pulse Xfi DAC & LPS1 linear power supply, Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 2.0 preamplifier/headphone amp with LTA linear power supply, Parasound Halo A21 power amplifier, Naim NAP160 power amplifier, PS Audio P300 power plant, plus related power cables, interconnects, USB cables etc. of comparable quality. My speakers include Spendor 2/3e w/r series crossovers, stereo REL subwoofers, and Magnaplanar 1.7, among others. I suppose some would call those components junk, but I wouldn't have any further truck with such persons.
  8. - Chord Electronics Mojo DAC, currently $532 on Amazon. - Behringer a500 power amplifier, $200 on Amazon. - Audioquest Jitterbug USB Filter, $56 on Amazon. - [2-Pack] Anker 6ft/1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable, (you need 2 cables, one to connect the Mojo to your computer and the second to power and/or charge the Mojo DAC), $10 on Amazon. - Apple 12W USB Power Adapter(for noise-free charging/powering of Chord Mojo), $19 from Apple - RCA Cable, iXCC 6ft Dual Shielded Gold-Plated 3.5mm Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Y Cable, select your length (to connect the DAC to the amplifier), about $10 on Amazon depending on length required. - Hosa GPR-101 RCA to 1/4 inch TS Adaptors, 2 pieces, Black, (to connect your "stereo audio Y cable" to the balanced inputs on the a500 amplifier for most noise-free operation), $2.95 from Amazon. Total is $840US plus sales tax. This setup, with upgraded audio cables, has replaced thousands of dollars in DACs, preamps, amplifiers, power conditioners and cables. It provides the finest sound I've realized in decades of pursuing the hobby. Best of luck in your quest.
  9. Spendor Sp2/3e loudspeakers. I have accumulated other speakers since I purchased them in 1995, but the Spendors are staying for good. I did update the crossovers about six years ago, and the woofer surrounds require treatment with DOT4 brake fluid once a year to keep them supple. Both a joy to listen to and a fine lens into down-system changes and effects. (BTW, ignore my outmoded components listing. I can't seem to make changes entered to my system profile reflect in the footnote.)
  10. So far so good, with 21,000 FLACs loaded into library (plus an equal amount from Tidal). No hangups in loading library, applying iRC, converting DSD to PCM, nor in changing bitrates. If you are using iRC, I would advise you to reduce the playback levels for all iRC settings before beginning any playback, in order to avoid gross clipping and possible speaker damage. Great sound.
  11. I'm enjoying listening to Amarra 4 Luxe w/IRC right now. While file management is still somewhat buggy, the program as a whole is much more stable than previous versions -- in my own setup of course. The sound quality remains terrific.
  12. Having only just found out that Roon had added a convolution feature, I plugged in the room EQ .wav files that I had created last March (with REW) for use with HQPlayer. What I am hearing now from networked Roon is by a significant leap the finest sound I've heard in my room with my system. I experience it as leapfrogging ahead of both Amarra 4 Luxe w/iRC and/or Audirvana+ 3 (with EQ derived from REW measurements) and even HQPlayer. That's why I've submitted this post to the Software section of CA.
  13. I loaded my library of 23,000+ tracks last night. Although Amarra Luxe indicated this action was successfully completed, quite a few albums do not appear when doing an Artist search. While this is frustrating, the actual player -- including IRC, upsampling and DSD>PCM conversion -- is, so far, working well. Activation and setup of both Amarra Luxe and IRC was a breeze compared to my experiences with prior versions. DSD via DoP is not functional. Sound quality is nice, but I am wondering if it may not have been superseded by A+ and HQP. (I'm using the OSX version.)
  14. No luck with that, but thanks for your help. I wonder if someone else has received the same license code as me. Previously, I have never had any significant issues with A+.
  15. I can't access the menu because Audirvana Plus 3.0.6 will not start up. It only issues the message I referenced above. This is the case on both computers.
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