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  1. in regards to the above mention of metadata can someone explain why this is important to manage accurately for a media player like the Aries? I assume because it includes things like genres etc. that will allow you to filter through your music in different ways than simply artist/track/album? If anyone can shed some light on why it is important and how it makes it easier to playback music than without? as for playback from a mac, are you saying I would not use the lightning ds app but use Linn Kinsky or similar to playback music from the aires? if so what method would i use? Is it fai
  2. Hi all - thanks for the feedback and I appreciate the helpful tips. To answer your questions - - I have an iPad mini retina and my wireless network is dual band 2.4/5 with AC supplied by fios quantum 150/150 (in theory) through my Asus AC68U as primary and downstream via ethernet cable is the fios supplied router (wifi off) and airport base station. My NAS setup is a QNAP and a WD MyCloud (the latter works pretty flawlessly with no issues on any devices (including aries) but the QNAP is not as PnP as the WD mycloud and most likely is not quite as consistent due to the fact that I am new to N
  3. so i recently got an Auralic Aries and have it setup to play music from my NAS in another room connected via CAT5/6 cable and I noticed the iOS app on my iPad freezes a lot and seems to be kind of slow/buggy. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I am not doing (outside the instructions from Auralic) or should be doing to make it a smoother working playback experience? I keep reading about having to setup Mimiserver or other server player software in order to use the Aries with my NAS (QNAP and wdmycloud BTW) but I have found it works best so far if i leave the stock set
  4. hmmm, you are probably thinking of someone else, and if I am thinking of the same guy from AVS...man what a rube! it is probably me but i don't recognize you by username, but I will look ya up. I ask the questions because I think I have way too much equipment in one setup and need to slim it down so to speak. I at least wanted to know if others have used something like a DAC2 dx in combination with a preamp like the JC-2 which is all analogue and a home theater setup such as I have now. I really am most interested in how to get my music library digital and disc, all playing from bot
  5. Hi - I am new to this forum but have recently upgraded a lot of my equipment from speakers to receiver, blu ray player, 2 channel pre and power amp as well as my most recent additions the DAC2 DX from benchmark and the cocktail audio x40. My challenge is that I have music all over the place from my macbook stored locally to a NAS server by QNAP (and WDmycloud) to streaming services and SACD/CD etc. my goal has been lately to have a separate 2 channel system from my marantz sr7009 which was previously my all in one component for music/movies and more. my issue as of late is that I do
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