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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've never tried anything from Peachtree but have always been interested.
  2. Wow, maybe I'm better off considering a different amp or some other option.
  3. Thanks again, everyone. I'll consider those suggestions. One thing I want to mention (and I don't know if it matters) is that I don't listen to classical or jazz. My music preference is mainly rock or pop genre.
  4. Thanks again for the feedback. But again, don’t want to run a cable from my bedroom to my living room or move my computer. I want to stream TIDAL through my living room stereo.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. But, you didn't mention anything about what would be a step up from Bluesound Node 2i for streaming TIDAL through my living room vintage Denon stereo. Btw, I'm content with my Mac set-up (Dragonfly Black through Klipsch at my desk in my bedroom). I'm wanting to stream through my living room stereo.
  6. I was considering getting a Bluesound Node 2i. But after reading up a bit. It seems to be not all it's cracked up to be and quite possibly disappointing. So, since I don't live near any stores to go and demo any other options - I'm hoping to get some feedback / recommendations for something that would be a step up from Bluesound Node 2i for streaming TIDAL through my vintage Denon amp. that won't lose any audio quality over wifi or bluetooth and have a good user interface that works well - as opposed to the problematic BlueOS. Hoping to stay around the same price point of the Node 2i or li
  7. Which DAC do you recommend? Also, does it matter very much using the XLR's or just RCA inputs?
  8. I picked a track and listened to it both through TIDAL and from a cd in iTunes w/ Pure Music. They both sound heavy with bass but Pure Music has much stronger bass than TIDAL. I wonder if this problem would work itself out if I sampled some ADAM Audio A3X's w/ a Sub7 along w/ a regular DAC rather than my AQ Dragonfly "headphone amp". However, I could use some advice on which DAC to use. No where in Lafayette, IN to listen for myself. Also, I wonder if it makes a difference in re: to the type/style of music being listened to? My preference is Christian Contemporary Worship that's in
  9. Just wondering if anyone has tried or seen any reviews of the new Klipsch version of Sonos / Bluesound, etc. and what your thoughts are..
  10. read them but still not getting it
  11. downloaded those plug ins but have no idea how to put them in Pure Music
  12. I'm using an iMac with the iTunes EQ turned off - so there is no Windows mixer. Not sure how to navigate the Pure Music software to turn off bass boost if it's active.
  13. DAC recommendation? Does it matter what style of music you're listening to? I mainly listen to Christian Contemporary worship music with a rock style / feel
  14. thanks... hoping for someone who knows their way around Pure Music willing to chat over the phone.. have no idea how much someone would want for compensation
  15. With my current set-up (in my signature) I haven't been able to fully enjoy using the Pure Music software because either I don't know how to properly use it or I need a new DAC / Speaker combo. Streaming through TIDAL sounds great but iTunes w/ Pure Music software is way too much bass and doesn't sound good. So, I'm considering getting a new DAC / Speaker combo but will that fix the problem? Is there anyone on here who would be willing to help me learn how to get the best sound from Pure Music primarily for rock style music? I'm sure you all have busy lives and schedules. I'd be willing t
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