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  1. Did not connect it to my mac/dragonfly. I did not notice a difference in sound between using digital coax or RCA with the Node.
  2. Just using the Node2i w/ AQ Digital coax. After what davide256 said about the SA20 I think I'll pass on it.
  3. I think Tidal supports UPNP/DLNA streaming. Also, I've checked into the Cambridge and Rotel both being A/B. The sales guy at Music Direct steered me away from the Cambridge & Rotel then suggested ARCAM SA20 which is Class G. What is your take on that one? Thanks again.
  4. So, how would the Cambridge CXA81 be different than the Peachtree? Btw, I'm pretty sure that the Peachtree doesn't have tubes. Also, I've already been using Roon over WiFi from my iMac. Not really sure what more it does for me than using TIDAL Connect or BluOS. And I rarely listen to any of my CD collection stored in iTunes/Apple Music. I prefer to just stream from TIDAL.
  5. How do you recommend connecting the Dragonfly to the Peachtree?
  6. I'm not familiar with what you're explaining. Which model of Denon or Rotel would you recommend? I've heard that Denon is not what it used to be. Not familiar with Rotel or NAD. Which one do you think would deliver what I'm trying to achieve? Thanks again.
  7. Since I made this thread I've actually been auditioning a Peachtree Audio Nova150 w/ a Bluesound Node 2i. However, I'm quite disappointed with the lack of bass / bottom end from the Peachtree streaming TIDAL w/ my Klipsch KG2's. I have the Node connected to the Peachtree w/ an Audioquest Cinnamon Digital Coax so it bypasses the DAC in the Node and uses the Sabre DAC in the Peachtree. I know that my speakers can do much more than what I've been hearing with this set up. The receiver that was purchased with these speakers is a Denon DRA-25 and this combo sounded great together 35yrs ago list
  8. Haha. Thanks, but those are way out of my budget. I don't want to spend more than $2,049.95 for it. I should have specified that in my original post. The Matrix Audio Element i or M would work fine. I was hoping there might be other streamers with ESS SABRE Dacs that cost less, actually.
  9. What does the Schiit Freya add to your setup? I was thinking of pairing the Element i OR M with either a Vintage Denon DRA-25 or a Marantz PM8006. My speakers are Vintage Klipsch KG2's I got for free as a hand me down from my father that came with the Denon DRA-25. Currently, I'm auditioning a Peachtree Nova150 w/ a Bluesound Node 2i with my Klipsch KG2's. However, the low end + bass thump is often lacking. The Nova150 may just need to burn in some more, IDK. So, I'm contemplating trying out a different set up for my living room stereo. Do you think the Element i or M would pair well wi
  10. So far, the only streamers I’ve found that have ESS SABRE dacs are Matrix Audio. The Element i is $1,149 (No MQA support) & the Element M is $2,049.95 (has MQA). I’ve searched. Hoping you guys know of more or where I could find a list. I really like the sound from AQ Dragonfly’s with my Klipsch 2.1 Pro Media computer speakers with my iMac and am looking for streamer options for my living room stereo. The only other ideas I’ve had is to use a Raspberry Pi or Mac Mini with a Dragonfly with a mini to RCA cable to my receiver. But a WiFi streamer is what I’d prefer use.
  11. Thanks to all who contributed to my question. I appreciate it!
  12. My living space is a 1 bedroom apartment. I'm not sure what the sq. footage is. I think I'll look into the wired networking solution or possibly try a Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine.
  13. I'm currently using 2 Apple Airport Extremes. The last generation Apple made. I have one in my bedroom next to my iMac. The second one is in my living room next to my stereo. I have my Bluesound Node 2i connected to the Airport Extreme in my living room with an ethernet cable. I'm considering upgrading my routers and would like to have a similar set-up of what I have now. I have a Motorola SURFboard eXtreme Cable Modem SB6141 (DOCSIS 3.0) which I see no need to upgrade. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I've looked at Apple.com and seen what they have to offer. However, I the only one I
  14. That's cool. Thanks for trying. I appreciate it. Happy New Year!
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