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  1. over rated absolutely not, acquired taste yes. I was never a friend but my best friend is a dead head. I committed to listen to the dead for a few weeks and after a few weeks of recommended concertsI was addicted. Not a quick listen to fall in love but give it a chance and there is something special there
  2. View Classified Lumin T2 with sbooster linear power supply Lumin T2 with the sbooster BOTW installed. The power supply made a nice improvement in the background and separation of instruments. I have the original power supply as well and will include that in the box. The retail prices were as follows Lumin T2 $4500 sbooster $399 Lumin sbooster power connection kit $59 The unit will ship in two boxes so factor that into shipping. PayPal preferred and as usual I will incur the fee. Seller jp11801
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    Lumin T2 with the sbooster BOTW installed. The power supply made a nice improvement in the background and separation of instruments. I have the original power supply as well and will include that in the box. The retail prices were as follows Lumin T2 $4500 sbooster $399 Lumin sbooster power connection kit $59 The unit will ship in two boxes so factor that into shipping. PayPal preferred and as usual I will incur the fee.

    3,500.00 USD

  4. these are outstanding headphones from Alex Rosson. I found these to excel at tone and timbre, they were easy to listen to for hours without fatigue and melt into the music. My nitpick is comfort if you have a larger head (I do) and the wiring of the cable which is unique and makes it difficult to use cables you already own. These to me are the equal of the utopia but they both excel at different things
  5. The ATC actives are outstanding. The ATC 40 is just mind blowing
  6. GT 20 ultra includes the full gravity base upgrade. Steve does great work, it won’t be easy to wait until January but he’s got a two month queue. Based on my past experiences with SMC audio I’m sure it will sound great
  7. https://smcaudio.net above is the new website for SMC I have a DNA 0.5 I just bought to have redone by Steve and company to be used by my RAAL SR1a. Going for the GT20 ultra upgrade and based on past experience with Steve's upgraded amps I'm expecting it to far surpass it's cost I sonic bliss 😀
  8. The future of balanced cables are coalesceing around 4pin balanced and 4.4 Pentacon. I wouldn't be surprised to see 4.4 on home amps in the future.
  9. the HD800 can be very revealing and can have a large to almost artificial headstage. Please don't mistake my comments for thinking the HD 800s aren't good on the contrary they are excellent but offer a more clinical approach to listening. The Utopia while very different and more musical and tonally accurate are still detail monsters but while different may still not offer a good alternative. I'd be more apt to recommend the Meze or 1000se as they are more of an enjoyable listen. The Meze is ultimately the more comfortable of the lot and a close cousin to the HD800 level of comfort. The M
  10. having owned a DNA 0.5 that I purchased at Stereo Exchange in NYC in the mid 90's and then a platinum upgraded DNA 0.5 about 15 years later. The SMC upgrades are the real deal and I have no doubt having heard the now 10 year old upgrades that Steve at SMC has continued to push the envelope. I'd been in the market for a beater DNA 0.5 to have Steve do his magic to but after your article I may have to wait a bit. (Tonge in cheek here) . I eventually want to pair this up against a my Cary 120 to see which best amplifies the RAAL. Great article and I hope you never let go of this amp a
  11. Introduction: While I am not as active in the headphone community today, I was very active in the headphone community from 2005 to about 2014. Starting back in the early days when the Senn 650 and Grado RS-1 were the top in production headphones (for the most part). Yes we had the R10, K1000, Qualia and various Audio Technica woodies and L3k but for the most part they were limited in availability. Today we are in a golden age (prices withstanding) of top end headphones, almost an embarrassment of riches. This was my starting point for a 3 month journey to find my best headphone based on al
  12. this may be the best bang for the buck in audio today
  13. Slightly bad thing about the RAAL is once dialed in you will be very sleepy at work due to later and later listening sessions.
  14. @The Computer Audiophile Clearly not all watts are equal as this amp has plenty of power and dynamics. I do have to admit to a touch of jealously seeing your amp comparison. I am also hunting a particular used amp to shoot this out with.
  15. Enjoying the Cary 120 s mk2 with the RAAL SR1a, while not the last word in tube amps a solid contender in the $2500-$3000 used market.
  16. I would largely align with Andrew's review of the SR1a paired with the JotR. I spent Sunday auditioning a NAT 805 integrated amp 50 watts but volume never went past 52 on a 100 scale and a Cary 60 watt tube amp again never above 50 out of 100 on volume. Both amps significantly increased bass volume and midrange density both retained the speed, transparency and leading edge transient response the SR1a is known for. I love the JotR for what it is a relatively inexpensive amp that does a good job showing what the Sr1a can do but in no means is it near showing you what the Sr1a is capable of
  17. well after about 200 hours of play the T2 I am very satisfied with the sound of the T2. It is more open and neutral sounding than the Yggdrasil that it replaced. Having had the Brooklyn plus and qutest in the house recently I think the T2 is also a step up sonically from either of these as well. Given the streamer/dac capabilities it is imo a reasonably good audio deal for the MSRP. It would be very difficult if not impossible to beat the sound with separate streamer and dac at this price point. The bass is just so deep and detailed that is one of the first things that struck me wh
  18. Hi, thanks for the suggestions! I have built up a Roon nucleus clone that I've been using for a while based on the specs on the Roon site. The integration of Qobuz into Roon is outstanding, although I do miss folder browsing. I have not found power to the Roon as critical as upgrading my router to an etherregen - YMMV I am using very similar Kimber balanced interconnects and have a bevy of power cables to choose from. I have gone relatively low brow with a AQ cinnamon for my ethernet connection from the etherregen to the T2
  19. bringing this back from the dead - I borrowed a friends new T2 and after 4 days decided to eschew my Yggy/SOTM or Yggy/U1mini for the T2. Early on the T2 was not sounding great as it had a glare that got in the way of relaxing into the music. My friend had not run this in and just played it a few hours. I've run it continuous for 72+ hours and man has it improved. There are still areas of the Yggy that I may prefer like a more layered stage and the image is set back slightly like 10th row vs 5th row of the T2. The T2 has this insane ability to bring stunning dimensionality to the m
  20. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex when he lived in NorCal. First and most importantly he is a gentleman and a sound enthusiast first. He made a custom dac for a friend with ECC99s in the output stage as well as transformers and WOW ten years ago it shaped what digital could be for me. I would go with one of APLs creations if I had the expendable cash (one day maybe) for now the Lumin T2 will have to do. His Denon mods were crazy good as was his Logitech transporter mods. Chris great to see you spotlight APL as Alex is one that really has the education and experience t
  21. excited to hear both this dac and it's new little brother, I own a yggy gs and love it but have the itch to move on up!
  22. I just heard back from SOtM and they are trying to troubleshoot with me. I am using the sbooster supply so that shouldn't be an issue. Oddly the unit does get warm when the power is connected. I fear it may need to go back to Korea 😞 it sounded awesome while it was up and running so I will sorely miss it if it needs to be physically repaired
  23. Hi my SOtM crapped out last night. I came home to no light on the front panel and checked the power supply connection and all good there. When I press the on button it lights up but goes dark when I take my finger off. I burned three cards and can't it to fire up. Any thoughts from from people with experience would be greatly appreciated. I really like the sound but am bummed that for some the unit can be temperamental.
  24. anyone here that still has the Metric Halo ULN 8 or LIO 8 try it with the new 3d card? I am running this via ethernet to a Mac mini running Roon and to my ears the results are stunning. Would love to hear other opinions.
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