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Audio System

AV/first floor system: Marantz 8802a pre/pro, Marantz 8077 amp, GoldenEar T1 fronts, Aon 3 rears, SuperSat 60 center, ExaSound E22 DAC, Logitech Transporter for streaming radio, custom built music server, serving Roon to all endpoints, bits and pieces of room engineering


Studio: Anthem 225 Integrated, Gradient Revolution speakers, Auralic Aries Mini, Velodyne subwoofer, Logitech Transporter for streaming radio, bits and pieces of room engineering, mostly Tibetan and Persian rugs hung in just the right places


Bedroom: Peachtree Audio iNova, Logitech Touch (modded) endpoint, Allo Boss DAC, B&W CM1 or custom built open baffle speakers (still deciding which to keep), Definitive Tech subwoofer


Photo editing workstation near field: iFi Mini DSD, M-Audio BX5a powered monitors, fed from sound card on computer


Printing room near field: Auralic Aries Mini, M-Audio BX8a powered monitors

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