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  1. Hi. would you accept $300 (domestic shipping and fees included)?
  2. Thank you @EvilTed I will give it a shot... question about the above statement. Reading qnap "how to" https://www.qnap.com/en-au/how-to/tutorial/article/using-snapshots-in-qts-4-3-4/ I do not see an option to save snapshot to an external USB drive. Is this easy to do? Also, what is the typical snapshot to storage ratio? I have about 20TB... and curious how big of a USB drive I need.
  3. thanks @EvilTed am I correct to assume that in order to move the QNAP os to the m2 drives I need to remove all hdd, leave m2 in, boot up and reinstall the os? Does that mean I need to wipe out the current hhds?
  4. Got it! And the backup designation is set in Roon and not a job you’ve created in a QNAP backup app?
  5. Do they share a volume or is each on a separate static volume. Sorry if I am missing something obvious.
  6. @The Computer Audiophile - quick question on the m.2 drives. How did you configure these in terms of pool(s) and volume(s)? I currently have it in the same pool as my spinning drives, but the two m.2 drives share a separate volume.
  7. Hi Chris, I am currently attempting to configure a similar setup with TVS-672XT. Question about the M.2 drives. Since you are using these to run roon database, did you enable "Cache accelerator" for these drives? If so, what did you set the overprovisioning to? thanks.. Udi
  8. thank you. I didn't realize I first need to disable the LAN1 port in order to select LAN for WAN2. Which SPF modules are you using to connect the router to switch?
  9. Hi Chris, Would you happen to have the "how to" link/instructions?
  10. Are you referring to "Critical Listening Mode"?
  11. I see. and how do you play the entire album from that point on?
  12. I've attempted to use the "Favorites" filter, but I am unable to favorite an entire album - only individual tracks. Is it possible to favorite an entire album? If so, how?
  13. Hi Does conductor have the ability to sort albums by # of times played? I recently migrated from Roon and miss this functionality.
  14. ok :~) - you know that a product is either very new or extremely niche when a Google search for reviews or observations yields essentially nothing.
  15. Hi Chris, is there a W20SE review in the works?
  16. Mind condition Mutec REF 10 - 10 MHz Reference Master Clock. Have original box etc. Buyer pays +3% Paypal + Shipping (CONTUSA Only) Retail: $4,000 Asking: $3,200
  17. Single owner, in mint condition SOtM - sNH-10G Audio Switch - with sCLK-EX & Master clock connector (75ohm) - 9v. Original box and power cable. Retail: $1,700 Asking: $1,300 Buyer pays +3% paypal + shipping charges (CONTUSA Only). Also have a Mutec REF 10 for sale.
  18. I posted a similar question on the dCS forum... here's what Andrew had to say: https://dcs.community/t/roon-setups-with-rossini/648/7
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