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  1. I posted a similar question on the dCS forum... here's what Andrew had to say: https://dcs.community/t/roon-setups-with-rossini/648/7
  2. Hi Chris... have you made a decision? I noticed your TADs on audiogon.
  3. Chris, in your review, did you use the Rossini as the Room end point or/and something else? can you please describe your Roon topology for this review? Thanks udi
  4. thank you.. i look forward to your server side reports!
  5. Thank you Bob for posting this tutorial. I've been considering experimenting with a NUC/AL and this is a great start! My primary need is for a roon server, I have a Rossini to serve as endpoint. Are you planning on implementing a bridged / clocked switch setup? In his original post, romaz mentioned the benefit of bridging and clocked switch. If so, it would be great if you could update this post. I currently have a bridged modded imac with clocked switch and would like to keep the switch and bridge at play. I am most curious about NUC hardware requirements and AL configurations to support bridging.
  6. Recently purchased a streaming dac and no longer have a need for this. Very lightly used, purchased directly from SGC 2 years ago. No internal drive. The sonicTransporter i5 runs Roon Server, HQPlayer (embedded), Squeezebox Server, Plex Media Server and MinimServer (DLNA server). Attach a USB drive full of music or a NAS and your music will be available to virtually any network player. The sonicTransporter i5 is designed for a music library of 1 - 450K tracks. This includes Red Book audio, DSD, and Hi-Rez. Asking: $400 + shipping costs (USA only).
  7. udis

    dCS Network Bridge

    Amp, Are you able to comment how the Rossini sounds feeding a Soulution 330 integrate in theater mode (bypass preamp)? Or or any other Soulution amp for that matter? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hey Chris I recommend to have a listen to; Raidho D1.1 - I own Joseph Audio Pulsars Alta Audio Celesta FRM-2
  9. udis

    dCS Network Bridge

    This is the issue. Your browser hangs on this request and doesn't load the rest of the page... This is a pretty light page: https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/find/used-equipment/ does it fully load for you?
  10. udis

    dCS Network Bridge

    or load this image first... it will get stored in your cache... open another tab and go back to https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/...refresh. this should work.
  11. udis

    dCS Network Bridge

    Agentsmith, where are you located? It appears that dCS's CDN is having issues loading some of the assets (CSS) that require to display the layout. Try a hard fresh of your browser.
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