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  1. Hi Ari, here's my short wish list: sort by "most played" favorite a whole album and be able to use the yellow star to view list ability to toggle different cover art size (I prefer slightly larger than current) res/format indicator in covert art grid (I have multiple versions of the same album - currently, need to click on each to decide which res) customize the "pills" - "All" | "Steaming" etc. when viewing local files combine view of qobuz/tidal with local files.
  2. I agree. it seems that the most relevant ux tabs (Fav. Purchased) are the ones most hidden and require unnecessary scrolling.
  3. Thank you for this. I noticed that some files are skipped. Looking at the log, the reason is "Unsupported file name". Upon closer examination, it seems that file names with a "?" or ":" are failing synch. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am synching from W20SE to TVS-672XT
  4. I'd love to see the option for a convolution engine for W20SE....
  5. Thank you. update V.4.21.266 for W20SE seems to be significant. Are you able to elaborate on this improvement? "Improved the sound quality of AES/SPDIF signal with updated FGPA firmware"
  6. Does anyone know where I could get firmware update information? My Aurender has been updating for the past 5min, which seems like a meaningful update... curious what's included. maybe @AriMargolis knows?
  7. Hi. would you accept $300 (domestic shipping and fees included)?
  8. Thank you @EvilTed I will give it a shot... question about the above statement. Reading qnap "how to" https://www.qnap.com/en-au/how-to/tutorial/article/using-snapshots-in-qts-4-3-4/ I do not see an option to save snapshot to an external USB drive. Is this easy to do? Also, what is the typical snapshot to storage ratio? I have about 20TB... and curious how big of a USB drive I need.
  9. thanks @EvilTed am I correct to assume that in order to move the QNAP os to the m2 drives I need to remove all hdd, leave m2 in, boot up and reinstall the os? Does that mean I need to wipe out the current hhds?
  10. Got it! And the backup designation is set in Roon and not a job you’ve created in a QNAP backup app?
  11. Do they share a volume or is each on a separate static volume. Sorry if I am missing something obvious.
  12. @The Computer Audiophile - quick question on the m.2 drives. How did you configure these in terms of pool(s) and volume(s)? I currently have it in the same pool as my spinning drives, but the two m.2 drives share a separate volume.
  13. Hi Chris, I am currently attempting to configure a similar setup with TVS-672XT. Question about the M.2 drives. Since you are using these to run roon database, did you enable "Cache accelerator" for these drives? If so, what did you set the overprovisioning to? thanks.. Udi
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