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  1. Are you referring to "Critical Listening Mode"?
  2. I see. and how do you play the entire album from that point on?
  3. I've attempted to use the "Favorites" filter, but I am unable to favorite an entire album - only individual tracks. Is it possible to favorite an entire album? If so, how?
  4. Hi Does conductor have the ability to sort albums by # of times played? I recently migrated from Roon and miss this functionality.
  5. ok :~) - you know that a product is either very new or extremely niche when a Google search for reviews or observations yields essentially nothing.
  6. Hi Chris, is there a W20SE review in the works?
  7. Mind condition Mutec REF 10 - 10 MHz Reference Master Clock. Have original box etc. Buyer pays +3% Paypal + Shipping (CONTUSA Only) Retail: $4,000 Asking: $3,200
  8. Single owner, in mint condition SOtM - sNH-10G Audio Switch - with sCLK-EX & Master clock connector (75ohm) - 9v. Original box and power cable. Retail: $1,700 Asking: $1,300 Buyer pays +3% paypal + shipping charges (CONTUSA Only). Also have a Mutec REF 10 for sale.
  9. I posted a similar question on the dCS forum... here's what Andrew had to say: https://dcs.community/t/roon-setups-with-rossini/648/7
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