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  1. Thanks. I got a Comcast STB and can now control the source. Set it to L-PCM and all works!
  2. blw74

    Dolby to PCM Converter?

    Thanks. I got a Comcast STB and can now control the source. Set it to L-PCM and all works!
  3. blw74

    Turn Table Recommendation

    I like my Rega P1!
  4. blw74

    Dolby to PCM Converter?

    Anyone know if anyone makes a Toslink in / Toslink out dolby to Stereo PCM Converter?
  5. Someone needs to mfg a Toslink in / Toslink out dolby to Stereo PCM Converter!
  6. I don't have a cable box. I plug the coax from the wall straight into the tv. My trouble ticket with Panasonic did not yield any fruit. the audio tuner simply passes though what ever type of single that it is given. For standard NTSC channels I get sound via PCM stereo and for ATSC I get Dolby. The engineers decided to leave that feature out on this model:( The Model is TC-L47E50 One option I am going to explore is getting a Cable Box or TiVo. I've heard I might be able to control the audio CODEC with a cable box's audio output, however this will make me loose the HUB effect of the TV. I wonder if I can find a Dolby receiver with optical in and a RCA "tape" out?
  7. Well, now your just rubbing salt in it. I just bought this thing. It's their new 47" LED. The feature is availible on Samsung tvs. It is a joke. Controlling the audio format should be a standard feature.
  8. That is a good option. Right now I just plug Comcast cable coax right into the tv antena jack. I was hoping to avoid having another box with another remote. I wanted the tv to be the hub. I've heard that the Comcast STB has an audio setting in it. TiVo is also an option.
  9. So it sounds like I need pick up a Dolby receiver with an optical input and then go from TV to dobly receiver to integrated amp? Will I be able to find a dolby receiver with a RCA stereo output?
  10. I recently purchased a Panasonic TV and was pretty unhappy to realize that the two DACs i recently purchased are incapable of decoding a Dolby Digital Signal and unfortunately this TV does not allow me to control the optical terminal output. I don't understand why a dolby decoder wouldn't be standard on any 2012 Dac. Any ideas?
  11. blw74

    Article: CA West Coast Visit

    Hi Chris, <br /> <br /> I think it's neat that you travel around and meet influential people in the industry. With that said I would like to suggest that you visit Hawthorn Stereo in Seattle the next time you are in town. They are a Naim shop and have been extremely helpful in leading me to great sound. They've got a good demo room where you could get some exposure to the Naim line. I find Naim's and Hawthorn Stereo's straight forward no nonsense approach refreshing in an industry filled with razzel-dazzel.
  12. What spdif coax cable should I buy?
  13. Well I went ahead and ordered the DACiT. My first DAC! Looking to see how it compares to my current two digital sources, my Naim CDX and the Creek CD43. the 43 actually has a coax out so I can also compare the CD as transport vs the DELL PC Serving up AIFF via COAX. <br /> <br /> I've only been able to compare the Naim DAC (ndac vs the Naim CDX and the ndac was significantly better. For $500 I'm not expecting it to deliver better then ndac sound however one can always hope.
  14. I would also like to hear any thoughts on how the DACiT compares to the Cambridge Dac Magic or the Naim DAC.