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  1. I'm thinking of the Schiit Bitfrost 2 to be specific
  2. So, just curious, is anyone else out there still using the original Valab Dac? I'm still using mine with the moded coupling caps(sonicap and v-cap). It's feeding into a pair of AVI DM10's. I'm wondering if any one has upgraded to any other dac and the comparisons.
  3. I'm sorry, but that's just plain rude..
  4. http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2012/02/neil-young-apple-was-working-on-higher-quality-music-downloads.ars Other CA threads on this topic: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Apple-presses-pause-high-def-music http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Go-Neil - Editor
  5. Hi Kay, I used this cable http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030304&p_id=5431&seq=1&format=2- according to Johns site, with this setup the cable quality doesn't matter much. I recommend that you check out the attenuators that John mentions on his site-I went with a 10db on the DAC(valab), and a 6db on the hiface end- they made a large difference. Make sure you allow a few hundred hours of burn in before you judge. I have about 200 hours on mine and it's still improving. I think that you'll be very pleased.
  6. Just curious, has anyone out there tried a HiFace with the AVI aDM9.1's(using the optional spdif RCA input on the AVI's) Anybody think this would improve the AVI's at all?
  7. Once again I emerge from a long period of lurking(and learning) to post an observation. For the past year and a half I've been switching between my Valab DAC and the internal DAC in my AVI ADM9.1's. My first DAC, the Cayin iDAC, has been sitting unused on my desk. About a month ago, I decided to give the Cayin another listen and...aaah!..the sweet sound of tubes! Seems to be a good match with the AVI's, which some say are too cold. But something just didn't sound right, so I decided to upgrade the USB cable that came with the Cayin with a Kimber USB cable. Now, to be honest, I really d
  8. Anyone who is a fan of xxhighend player or anyone who's never heard it should check out the latest version- http://www.phasure.com/index.php?topic=934.0 This version is a huge improvement over previous versions(not that they sounded bad!). Really...check it out! Rich W
  9. You might want to check Audiogon for used speakers. I picked up a pair of AVI ADM9.1's for a thousand bucks and I am VERY happy with them. You could also check out the Valab DACs on Ebay. I'm currently using one of those with the ADM9's and it sounds superb!
  10. Wow Liquid3D, to say that you're passionate about these speakers might be the understatement of the year! But, believe me, I understand. Anyway, that first post I made after listening to the speakers was after a LONG day at work and I was pretty tired-also the Valab DAC was not warmed up for very long. I'm listening to that combination now and it is sounding VERY good indeed. As far as the toslink goes, I did a little hunting online and found this: http://www.audiotrak.net/products/prodigyhd2/. It cost about $95.00 and does have a toslink out(24/96) connection. I don't know if this i
  11. Having done a little research it appears that getting a toslink connection for my PC might be a lot more difficult than I thought, or didn't think-maybe I should have considered this BEFORE I bought the ADM9.1's :-) Has anybody heard the M-Audio Transit? I see that it has toslink out, which is what I need. Rich W
  12. Just want to thank everyone for their advice! I ordered a used pair of ADM 9.1's and they just arrived last night. Sorry to say that my first impression was, well, disappointing. I hooked up the Valab Dac which had sounded so good with the Audioengine A2's and gave a listen to some familiar tunes. Hmm, where's all that detail I heard about? Sure, there was more detail than the A2's, but not THAT much more. So, out comes the Toslink cable I purchased. Only to realize that my HP 1070 PC does not have an optical out. Wait! The trusty Cayin iDAC has a optical out, so it's USB to the Cayin, th
  13. I'm considering a pretty major upgrade to my current desktop system. I currently have a Valab DAC and a pair of AudioEngine A2's. The Valab has replaced a Cayin iDAC- way more detail, better dynamics and bass AND very smooth-everything I read about it is true, a truly exceptional value for 200 bucks. The a2's are also an exceptional value, but to my ears, at anything but a very low volume they start to sound a bit compressed, not surprising at only 15 watts a side. Now comes the crazy part-I'm thinking about replacing them with a pair of ADM 9.1's. Keep in mind they will be on my desktop,
  14. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/01/automobiles/01NOISE.html
  15. Hi y'all- I'm usually content to lurk and take it all in, but tonight I feel like throwing my two cents in. My computer desk "system" consists of a pair of AudioEngine A2's, a Cayin iDAC(I think one of maybe four out there:-) ), some cheap Tara Labs interconnects, and two 4" by 4" by 17" pieces of lumber acting as speaker stands. I've had this setup for about 10 months now, listened to it A LOT, and I have definitely made some observations: 1-Vista sounds better than XP. No matter which software I tried, it sounds better in Vista. 2-in Vista, the second best software I've he
  16. I don't know if this has already been posted, but if not here's a really excellent page on setting up EAC to rip a CD http://www2.firehose.us:81/~jiggafellz/eac/index.html
  17. Thanks for the advice guys-I went ahead and ordered the Cayin iDac and the Audioengine A-2's. I do have a question for SGB though-I read your excellent review but I don't believe you mentioned which analog output you were using. It appears, although I may be wrong, from the specs I have read that only Analog out 1 uses the tubes.
  18. Hello everybody-this is my first post and already I have a question! I am on a tight budget and plan on buying a pair of Audioengine A-2's for my pc. I've narrowed down my choice of Dac's to just two- the Scott Nixon USB-UFO-tube buffer(with the optional power supply and the Cayin iDAC Tube DAC with USB. They are both in the $700.00 to $800.00 range, which is about all I want to spend. Has anyone out there heard both of these or have an opinion on which would sound better with the A-2's?
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