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  1. upgrade for amarra today return of mode browser !
  2. same problem for me upsampling doesn't function i think pure music doesn't support high sierra !
  3. ghostdog

    HQ Player

    sorry doesn't function even one time
  4. ghostdog

    HQ Player

    rednet 3 need sampling rate to be set separately with dante controller mac mini too hq player works only one time and after it bugs and no music schema is mac mini set to 44 < roon <hq player < dante virtual soundcard < rednet 3 set to 44 < dac line magnetic roon alone works well hq player alone too ( with no filter)
  5. ghostdog

    HQ Player

    one step beyond ! it functions only if i put no filter in hqplayer ( dither ok) and put mac mini and rednet at 44 khz
  6. ghostdog

    HQ Player

    many thanks yes they are on same machine as localhost i watch for roon and tell you
  7. ghostdog

    HQ Player

    hello perharps an existing question ! hq player doesn't function for me under mac mini + roon+ hqplayer . rednet 3 ( dvs for dante) a solution ? hq player alone is ok but with roon , no sucess ! many thanks
  8. same problem for me on update i like the SQ of amarra but how we can propose a product with non mature update ????
  9. ghostdog

    Fidelia 1.5.4b7

    i have audirvana and amarra i find this beta very good ! very musical without lost of transparency unhappily the time for using this beta is out ! hope a release soon thanks melvin for this beautiful discovery
  10. and lampi is very more expensive ! hope is very better !
  11. oh many thanks ! i didn't see the jumpers !! LM dac with tube rolling is very surprising it is not a "percuting" dac when you listen it but music is here with great coherence and sense of density
  12. yes this dac is very good ! it wins again my EE minimax dac du you know if the tubes were changed ?
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