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  1. It is a 20% discount. Make it 50% and I'll bite. :-) -- Steve
  2. Does the upgrade make this streamer the equivalent of the Signature Series? Thanks.
  3. To continue the thread... Not sure how they (Tidal) could be right about this. The Tidal app running on my phone is responsible for sending the data streamed into the phone/app either through the on-board DAC (and out the phone's speaker), or out the USB port to my external DAC. Also, if the issue was with the OS (Android), then none of the DACs would work. If streaming does work with some DACs but not others, then I'd bet Tidal isn't properly/fully supporting the protocol. I think my DAC does take over as bus master, so I'd think it is doing the right thing - it is a pretty well known/regarded audiophile device.. Anyway, I'm looking into feline's post below.. Thanks again. -- Steve
  4. Yes, Please do! Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. -- Steve
  5. After numerous attempts to talk with Tidal support, and explain my issue, I've given up. I want their app, running on my Note 3, to simply allow the bits streaming into the phone to be sent to my W4S DAC2 SE. All I get is tinny sounds through the DAC in my phone out my phone's tiny speaker. As I told their support folks, I'm already doing it with files I've downloaded to the phone, using the nice USB Audio Player Pro app I purchased some time ago and an OTG cable. So, I think it could at least maybe work.. Tidal doesn't seem to know what I'm asking, or else I'm not understanding something. If they just told me for example 'no, we don't support sending digital to an outboard DAC from Android' or something like that, I'd accept it. But instead I get answers like 'some DACs support it and some don't'. Can anyone help? I'm running Lollipop 5.0. New speakers, new system, I'd love to be able to try out a bunch of music.. Thanks for any help you can give. -- Steve
  6. Hi. Do you know of any reviews for the Powermatic Distributors? I can't find any online. Thanks.
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