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  1. Anything Metric Halo is top notch and full support to all OS versions, probably one of the most stable solutions in the market, else look at Prism. If not look at pure hifi and there are a lot of options, I stick with Chord. All these are external solutions. If you really want internal solutions I would look no further than Lynx audio, very high quality and professional support: https://www.lynxstudio.com/products/e22/ https://www.lynxstudio.com/products/e44/
  2. Quite late to the game but after one week of testing in my system I have to confess I am delighted by the combo of Isoregen with Ultracap LPS-1 fed by my mac mini (with uptone mmk), external Qualia LPS, external Wifi antena and TotalDac D1 cable from mac to Isoregen, feeding a Chord TT....amazing, the benefits significantly out weighted my best expectations. Funny is not really a sound balance question but apparently one layer of hash is gone so the presence and clarity are so much nicer...the sound is really more 3D. Real great. Thanks Uptone!!! Could not possibly be more satisfied. PS: my previous experience with Intona was decetive once I moved from the regular Hugo to the TT so I sold it. This combo has no possible comparison, with all othr things the same.
  3. Ok, will try ASAP. Thanks.
  4. Do not know, some are claiming very good results with A4L with Chrome, still have to try but my experience with Safari the sound is really substandart compared with the Amarra application itself, without doubts in my setup.
  5. Slight improvement from Hugo to Hugo TT is a major understatement to say the least, you must be kidding right? In my system the moment Hugo TT entered the normal Hugo almost went thru the window...what is there to compare between both these units???
  6. Different things, those recommended 1024 samples are a buffer cache, not a ram cache with preload (what you were refering to for sure and I guess that happens automaticaly behind the scenes but is surely happening). This buffer gives the latency of the interface that for Amarra has no problem except when you are using something like SQ+ because it would spoil the sychro between sound and image, that is why they have the music and video setting in SQ+.
  7. It must have cache as it plays tracks from playlists of Tidal or local storage with absolute minimal gaps. That would not be possible without cache.
  8. Currently not using IRC so cant comment but Amarra Deluxe is realy surprising me very positively. Very good sound, really nice simple interface, great integration of my library with Tidal. Very good speed, nothing to do with AMARRA FOR tidal. Sweet instalation with auto recognition of my iRC license. Good integration with remote ( one crash but probably I was doing too much in the ipad so may have been some odd thing with the remote software, but nothing special). I jumped on the bandwagon when I understood I could keep Symphony just in case but really digging this. Sweet. Hope not to regret saying this but after 5 hours listening to music(Tidal and local HD tracks) I am really impressed. Nice work.
  9. OK. Thanks a lot. I asked because I had the intona for over 1 year and that was amazing when I had the Hugo but when I upgraded to the Hugo TT I had to sell the Intona as I felt that the good things it brought to the table did not compensate the bad things it carried. Mainly an overbloom in the bass region, most probably due to some sort of interaction with my TotalDac D1 USB cable but was noticeable.
  10. Have you tested the relative effect of the intona and/or ifi after getting the Mutec? Curious if these are still fully justified with the mutec last on the chain. Thanks
  11. Not familiar with the Salk's. Also in that price range if you have the space Avantgard horns are amazing.
  12. Raidho, cant go wrong with those. Most perfect highs ever and simply amazing...but I think they are Danish as my beloved Audiovectors.
  13. Anyone using the ifi-microUSB3.0 with a TotalDac D1 cable? asking because can't test the ifi beforehand and am affraid some nasty interaction may occur due to D1 filtering. Thanks for any info.
  14. Just to add something significant. Latelly found the missing link with these headphones. While buying some Comply tips for other earphones I discovered that the "Isolation T400" do work with these Bose QC20 and man is it an improvement? yes, yes, yes, even better isolation and way better sound. Highly recommended. The caveat are the "nails" in the QC tube but provided you are careful when puting the thing in the ears these will not bother...I had been wishing for such a solution for years as the ear pieces of these earphones are quite crappy in isolating the external noise. my two cents...plane trips got even quieter!!!
  15. I am on MacOSX and the mode is exclusive so it is the Tidal App that changed the HugoTT, meaning the stream was at 96khz, when playing a 44.1khz then the Dac changes acordingly. The audio quality clearly showed one improvement, behound what I was expecting. The catch is that I can only get that with Tidal in exclusive mode with the Dac while my favourite way of listening to Tidal is thru Amarra for Tidal or else with the Tidal App thru Amarra SQ+ but none of those methods work with the correct sample rate of the Master tracks, these change the sample rate to 44.1kHz....unfortunately I will have to wait seated for a decent update from Amarra for sure, at least given their track record. Anyway, for these Master tracks it is really worth it to use Tidal directly to the Dac, despite what is available is not really in the type of music I listen, just went that route as a test and it does work with this new update of Tidal for MacOS.
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