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  1. So we can trade non existent product for iems that no one has heard and seems very highly priced compared to campfire audio??
  2. It is expected to magically appear below the buttons. Even though this is the "final" drawing. of course we have heard this before: FAQ: Why Geek Wave project took so long?Modified on: Sun, 17 Sep, 2017 at 5:54 AMStage 6/ RC1: This is the current stage we are now. PCB fabrication is done of Release Candidate 1. And PCBA is scheduled to be done before the end of this month. We will have an updated Gantt Chart for the details in the other article.Yes. The whole project took several detours of fundamental platform or CPU changing. Also, in order to get the best perf
  3. how can they be "separate" companies when Light harmonic ended up with the crowd funded designs: http://lightharmonic.com/source-pro-music-server/
  4. It is amazing how many products were unfinished. If they had been finished he could have teamed up with a chinese manufacturer or Drop (MassDrop) to execute production. Instead we have a few sample products in the wild that are reported to have sort of worked at one time. It would be nice to know how the "money" was spent. Did he get caught in the "we can make it still better" spiral? Did he lose interest in each project before the troubling "production" details were finished? Did the prototypes prove unproducible or way over production "budget"? It se
  5. Fiio - 18 (that is just portable players like wave not Amps, dac amps or IEM's A&K - 26 players - if you count the various materials for cases (not colors), i think they might make a couple other products. But who is counting - Larry has only been working on the Wave since 2014, so it obviously will bt the Ultimate Player and there will be no need for either of these guys to build another one. They should quit while they are ahead! https://www.fiio.com/supports https://www.astellnkern.com/eng/content/shop/allProduct_grid.asp
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