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  1. Has this item been sold? If not, how much is the shipping to the US?
  2. I'm interested if it is still available.
  3. JCAT NET FEMTO & USB FEMTO CARDS View Classified Want to buy used but in excellent condition: the JCAT NET and USB cards. Looking to spend around US$550-600. Seller jsb1989 Date 04/16/21 Price 600.00 USD Category Computers / Networking Gear
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    Want to buy used but in excellent condition: the JCAT NET and USB cards. Looking to spend around US$550-600.

    600.00 USD

  5. Is this still available? If so, I'd be interested.
  6. This doesn't seem to be available in the USA. There are similar products available from iFI Audio as well as Audioquest. IFI Audio also make the iSPDIF purifier. I use the latter and find it very useful in giving better sound quality between my Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC and Raspberry PI/HIFI Berry Digi+ streamer.
  7. I have a Vault 2. It's very easy and intuitive to use, great for storing music and for playback (you can control playback with either an Android device, a computer or an I-pad). However, ripping is slow and frustrating. I eventually got dbPoweramp and used my laptop to rip my CDs to the hard drive on the Vault 2. Sound quality is good. Looks great in the living room. Eventually, I will get an external DAC but for now it'll do.
  8. I should imagine so. No harm trying unless you're not able to return the headphone. If the 250-ohm doesn't work, try the 600-ohm versions of the Beyer. I've read very good reviews of 600-ohm version of their DT990 Premium. The highs seem to be a bit on the tizzy side, but the Earmax Pro should tame that nicely.
  9. I have the Earmax headphone amp (not the Pro). I've used the Sennheiser HD600 (300 ohms) with great results. However, I do have a transformer buffer into which the signal from the Earmax flows; the headphones plug into the transformer buffer. The sound is spectacular especially with a Telefunken 12AT7. I would assume that 300-600 ohms is the sweet spot.
  10. Not sure why this thread seems to have expired: however, to answer the question, yes it would. I use the USB Regen with good effect. I also have a AQ Jitterbug connected to the spare USB socket.
  11. If you're stuck with a SOSE (i.e. haven't moved up to microRendu yet), you can improve the sound a little bit by plugging in an Audioquest Jitterbug into the spare USB socket on the SOSE. My setup is as follows: SOSE->REGEN->AQ RED DAC-> EARMAX H'PHONE AMP->SENNHEISER HD600. ROON server is on an I-5 laptop, also with an AQ Jitterbug plugged into one of the USB sockets. Sheer bliss, listening to my ripped CDs and Tidal albums.
  12. Roon integration would be a good strategy for Classics Online. That way Roon users can upsample their Redbook offerings to DSD.
  13. No amp like the Earmax for the Sennheiser HD600-650. I just spent an hour listening to Mahler's Seventh Symphony: SonicotbiterSE to Audioquest Red to Earmax to Promitheus Audio Transformer buffer to Sennheiser HD600. Sheer audio ecstasy. Don't waste your money on flaky cheap amps, esp. Solid state amps.
  14. I'm using Sonicorbiter SE with a iFI power supply. Sounds much better than the laptop it replaced, though the laptop had Fidelizer and JPlay on it. So, I can only imagine how the microRendu will sound with a quality linear PSU or the UltraCap PSU that Uptone is cooking up. Initial set-up might be a little fiddly depending on the DAC and stuff but worth the trouble. I'm definitely in the market for the SonicTransporterSE but can't find a shred of documentation on what the set-up might be like, or how I might migrate my Roon Core from a Windows laptop to the Linux-based STSE. I know th
  15. Why don't you and Jesus post all your updates on the Sonore web site so that users can have a single point of reference. Right now Sonicorbiter-related stuff is all over the place: head-fi, Computer Audiophile, and who knows where else. Just a suggestion.
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