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  1. Sonore MicroRendu (original 1.3 version), updated firmware. I will also throw in the ($50) iFi 9v linear power supply, also included is the stock usb A to B adapter. $375
  2. Selling the wonderful Uptone LPS-1, perfect condition. Also selling the microRendu in separate ad, can combine the two for a better deal. Includes: Original Box, UltraCap LPS-1, Energizing SMPS, DC Output Cable, Instruction Sheet
  3. This was new when I bought it May 2017, so it's a little over 1 year old, excellent condition obviously. Have original box. $125 + Shipping Mark
  4. Is it recommended to use the same LPS-1 for the microrendu and the downstream FMC? Currently I have a pair of Jameco LPSU wall warts but wondering if I'll see an improvement using my LPS-1 for the FMC. I don't want to buy a 2nd LPS-1, so i'm guessing I'd have to use a Y-splitter of some sort? Thanks
  5. Hey anyone know why Shairport won't work after upgrading to 2.5? I installed the Shairport app, activated it, restarted everything, but still non of my apps like Tidal (on iOS) will not recognize it anymore like it used to with version 2.3
  6. It's hard to tell but I believe the adapter on the right in the photo on the website is the twisted version...so you can see it will work perfectly for you
  7. It looks like the USB input on your DAC is already turned 90 degrees, so if you buy the 'twisted' version it will allow the microRendu to sit flat in a normal upright position. You should also be prepared put something like a block underneath the microRendu for support, it looks like the USB port is a bit high up on that DAC Hope this helps
  8. I couldn't get the direct connection to work, at least when using Roon with the microRendu, but I may try it again soon.
  9. Wow, you're on roll! Good stuff. As for the dedicated circuits, i did that a long time ago and it is a definite improvement, and i would also say that it doesn't need any 'burn in' time or won't really change over time in other words...it's instant gratification.
  10. Gotcha....but are they connected to the same circuit or wall outlet?
  11. If your ATV, BRP etc are separate from your audio setup, are they not in the same room?
  12. Thanks...i tried to pose this question on that thread but I think John was confused by setup. I have this exact thought as you, i feel like i should separated the video gear from the audio only gear, but since they are interconnected some way via RCA interconnects, HDMI etc, than i "think" leakage loops and or ground loops can still occur. My main room is a 5.1 home heater system and 2 channel system combined using the same speakers, so it's a bit tricky trying to figure out the best scenario.
  13. Also, as posted in the Uptone Discussion of AC mains isolation thread, over the weekend i scored a 'New Old Stock' iso transformer made by ECA, a company similar to Topaz. I just have to figure out how or what i'm going to install it with my plethora of gear in the main room, i.e. TV, cable box, blu ray, DAC, amps, mRendu/LPS-1 etc etc
  14. Correct if i'm wrong, but why is there a need to do any calculations or conversions if i'm using a meter to see the actual VA? Unfortunately as for testing of the SQ, i haven't been able to do that yet since i was also gathering results on my main system as well, but i will let you as soon as can sit down for a good *uninterrupted* listening session.
  15. @JohnSwenson Thanks for taking time to provide some advice for my post above regarding having my equipment on different outlets etc. I will make a diagram as you said as a visual aid to help me sort it out. In the meantime, i purchased a Kill-0-Watt meter and over the weekend plugged all of my equipment (12 devices or so) into 2 power strips and powered EVERYTHING up at the same time. Again this includes everything for TV/Movie watching to audio only gear. I was surprise to find my readings to be lower than i expected. The Highest readings I got were from using my Yamaha AVR/Peacht
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