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    Hello, I sell a Lizense of the Audiophileoptimizer 3.00 for 80 €. I send the Lizense per E-Mail. Wolft

    85.00 USD

  2. Selling a Lizense of Audiophileoptimizer 3.00 View Classified Hello, I sell a Lizense of the Audiophileoptimizer 3.00 for 80 €. I send the Lizense per E-Mail. Wolft Seller wolft Date 03/26/21 Price 85.00 USD Category All Others  
  3. >>I'm not saying that things are not going smoothly. But not any smoother than the Mac Mini M1... that's the difference between Intel CPU's and Apple M1. You must take a GPU ore save the money and use only the M1.
  4. I'm not surprised...
  5. You should take a 10700k Cpu
  6. Here my settings for 192k to DSD256 with ASDM7EC and poly-sinc-ext2.



    HQPlayer Settings.jpg

    1. jamesg11


      Thanks - only difference is buffer time, so I’ll try changes there.


  7. wolft

    HQ Player

    I run ASDM7EC/48 to 256 using polysinc ext2 with everything so far, also 24-192 on my Mac Mini M1.
  8. Hello Pierre

    I have had my Mac mini M1 for about a week and I am very happy with it. My configuration:

    Synology NAS DS 918+ mit RoonServer als Musikverwalter --> Mac Mini M1 mit HQPlayer als Streamer --> Signalyst NAA --> USB --> RME Adi-2 DAC Fs --> Lavardin ISx Reference --> CME M29 Spezial or Spendor BC1

    I upsampling all my music to DSD256.

    "...now DSD 256 with ASDM7EC is easy, even from 96k or DSD 128 files.

    The only remaining problem for me is 192k files upsampled to DSD 256 with EC modulators."

    For me 192k files to DSD256 are no problem when I use 48k and 48k DSD256 with ASDM7EC and poly-sinc-ext2.

    You ask for building a new windows or linux server. I think wait some weeks until the new intel rocket lake available.

    I will also build a new server with an i9-11900k.

    see my hardware wish list.

    But I don't know if the new intel cpu can do so much more than the M1 CPU.


    Best regards


    Preisliste (1).pdf

    1. SwissBear


      Hi Wolfgang,


      Thanks for the update,. I will try your idea of playing 48k DSD instead of 44.1k ones.

      Thanks also for the headsup on the new processor. What do you expect from this new line ?


      Best regards,



  9. wolft

    HQ Player

    Hello, does it make sense to wait for the i9-11900k and Z590 boards or is the Mac Mini M1 enough? Are there any significant changes to the HQPlayer expected with the I9-11900k? Best regards Wolft
  10. Hello Luisma, thank you for your post. I don't see any new Gigybyte Z590 Mainboards with DACUP USB ports. In my setup I want use the following configuration: Musik-Server --> NAA --> RME Adi-2 DAC Fs --> Lavardin ISx Reference. My Mainboard favorite is the Asus ROG Strix Z590-F Gaming WIFI. RAM - G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 16 GB: 2 x 8 GB DIMM 288-PIN 4000 MHz / PC4-32000 CL18 1.35 V ungepuffert non-ECC or G.Skill DDR4 32GB PC 4000 CL16 KIT 2x16GB 32GTZR Tri/Z R 32 GB 4.000 MHz 2 16 (F4-4000C16D-32GTZR). I planning The Music-Server on Windows 10 Pro
  11. Hello, which of the new Z590 motherboards from Asus or Gigabyte are recommended for a new music server. Which RAM should be taken? The CPU should be an I9-11900k. Does this CPU make sense. Until then, an I9-10850K will be used. Thanks in advance Wolft
  12. Hello, I am looking for tips, recommendations and explanations for my project "Music Server 2021". Which products from which companies do you recommend: - Mainboard IntelZ590 (Asus, Gigabyte) - CPU i9-11900K - 32 GB of RAM - SSD, Intel optane - CPU fan and power supply unit (fanless, if Lian Li O11-Dynamic-mini is used) - Housing - H5 2nd Gen Fanless PC Case with power supply The music server is primarily intended to be used for upsampling (44.1kHz etc. ---> 512DSD) of * .flac audio files with the HQPlayer. Many thanks for your help wolfgang
  13. >>With the right settings in HQPlayer, DSD 1024 plays stutter-free on the fis Audio PC. As far as I know, this was only possible with CUDA (i.e. in combination with a powerful graphics card). the information that you can play DSD1024 in HQPlayer with the right settings without cuda
  14. Hello, stop. I get working it. But I must install it again. I must patch the to *.bat files and delete 'rem Quick test for Windows generation: UAC aware or not ; all OS before NT4 ignored for simplicity --> include the second ) before rem Create registry file to add "DFF to DSF" context menu item' Wolft
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