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  1. Saw Orgone (whoops) on Jan 16 at the Aladdin. February will be thick with shows: Ghost-Note on 2/20 at Rev Hall Antibalas on 2/22 at Stage 722 (never been there) Raphael Saadiq on 2/27 at Crystal Ballroom THUNDERCAT (yes!) on 2/29 at the Portland Art Museum... I predict overflowing radness. Anyone going to see Sudan Archives? I just saw she's playing at Doug Fir the same night as Antibalas.
  2. Whoops, The Midnight Hour (Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammed) - at Mississippi Studios on 11/5.
  3. Black Pumas, wow, what a show! I had to get my azz out of the front since it was too tight to dance anyway. Plus the 7' dude that can see from anywhere in the place plants himself right in front of me (I'm 5'5"). Little Dragon coming up May 6 at the Roseland Theater. Nosebleed seats because apparently I'm getting too old for the crush of general admission, lol. And this band is going to get us dancing.
  4. Raphael Saadiq, Feb 27th at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom. His latest album, Jimmy Lee, is highly recommended if you haven't checked it out yet. It's a gut punch though, despite the funkiness. He worked through some heavy stuff to make this album, which makes me appreciate the result that much more.
  5. Today, two Tidal playlists have had multiple skipped tracks. Right now, listening to Gerald Wilson's "In My Time", and none of the first 6 tracks have played through other than the sixth track. I have emailed for Tidal support, but it's mostly happening on Audirvana (version 3.5.20), but all they have done is asked whether I have the latest versions (yes I do). It does happen with the Tidal desktop app (version, but it REALLY happens with Audirvana. Using the HiFi/Master level of streaming. Would really be great to get some support from Tidal or @damien78
  6. The problem with not loading a full track just happened twice in a row. Tidal playlist "Party Jazz" on Cal Tjader's and then Cannonball Adderley's tracks. What's going on here?
  7. I also have not had problems streaming Tidal until 3.5.20. Songs regularly fail to completely load, and the entire program hangs for a while before I can make any changes (stop, play, load song, etc.) I will close the program and restart it, which clears up the problem for a little bit, but it happens again. This has not been a problem for me prior to this version.
  8. Just did the 3.5.20 update for Tidal - does anyone know what this update included? I would like to know when Tidal MyMixes can be accessed through A+.
  9. Brian, Jeff and Romain groovin, check em out if you can. A new release from this trio expected this fall.
  10. Jeff Denson, Brian Blade & Romain Pilon on August 30 at the Jack London Revue, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to see music here. It's a tiny spot with some big names coming through!
  11. Black Pumas coming through PDX on 10/19 at the Wonder Ballroom. Their album got me through weeks of windshield time driving through the Southwest this past July - highly recommended if you need awesome road trip music, I got hoarse singing along.
  12. Saw Kamasi Washington and Herbie Hancock last night's sold out show at the Oregon Zoo. Two stellar acts, and left very impressed with the venue - even though it's outdoors and we were in general admission seating on the lawn, the sound quality far surpassed Roseland Theater's or Crystal Ballroom's (as two similar-sized examples here in PDX). It was my first time seeing a show there and probably won't be my last. We saw Kamasi last year at the Roseland Theater where the band played for over two hours - I think my ears are still ringing from it. He's matured, tightened up the song performances, and more clearly communicates the breadth of subjects he's got in his bag. The highlight from last night's set was Fists of Fury, which was transformed with a g-thang groove, with Herbie joining the band during the last chorus. (Subtext: Tarantino should listen to this song and rethink his portrayal of Bruce Lee, proud boys stay home and be proud). Herbie started off his set saying that things were going to get weird (heh heh, we're in a zoo in Portland, so...). Herbie's band included Lionel Loueke, Vinnie Colaiuta, James Genus, and Terrace Martin. Only the rhythm section didn't sing/play vocoder/talkbox - Lionel during solos (and an amazing bass drop), Terrace mostly during bridges and additional ambience, and Herbie building melodies with vocals. Short but sweet, the set ended with an encore performance of Chameleon, and the audience got their backfields in motion when Kamasi's band joined them onstage. Last thoughts: LA jazz lives! We missed this year's Portland not Portlandia punk extravaganza to see this show, but it was worth it!
  13. Monophonics on Aug 9 at the Aladdin. I have a work trip I’m returning from that day so wish me travel luck on getting there on time! Connie Han Trio on Aug 13 at Lan Su Garden. Bringing my leathers... not.
  14. Whoops, recently saw Flutes of Three Nations (China, Japan, and Korea) on June 9th, which was a great display of mutual respect among musicians, as well as great traditional music. Also saw Fabian Almazan Trio here in Portland at the Old Church on June 21. Finally got a chance to see two of my favorite musicians live (Linda May Han Oh and Fabian Almazan, what simpatico) and get their autographs! Two days before that show, was lucky to watch The Comet is Coming put on an awesome show at Doug Fir Lounge - if you haven't seen a show at Doug Fir, do it. The sound is fantastic. King Shabaka... nuff said.
  15. I’m really happy with 3.5 now that I’m using Direct Mode (with High Sierra). Prior to that, I wasn’t sold. Thanks @RunHomeSlow! It’s also the first time I’m really enjoying SoX as well, although iZotope is still more “analog” sounding to me.
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