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  1. Ted - you were right it’s the Network Switch they released today called the PhoenixNet at $3500 usd.
  2. Chris - you’re not the first to praise the Melco. Similar pedigree the the modded Buffalo. I gather the Innuos is now out with the PhoenixNet at $3500 usd
  3. In the grand scream of things a higher priced case of a) better quality b) more room is universally advantageous. If one is shooting for great SQ, the price is secondary. Besides, the case is chump change compared to the rest of the BoM. (particularly the LPS’s) As an aside I heard a rumour that Innuos was going to release a audio grade Network Switch for around $3k. Not sure how valid that might be.
  4. I don’t know if it’s just a rumour, but Innuos could be ready to release a competitive audio grade network switch for about the price of a Phoenix. Anybody else heard something along these lines?
  5. I hope you have better luck than I did. The only thing I found was the the green “contact us” tab, filled it out and heard nothing back. Checked my spam folder, nothing there either. Go figure, they had a sales opportunity with me. I suspect they lost a few sales with that approach. To each there own I guess.
  6. Agreed, that is a great reason to rationalize going the DYI route!
  7. @Nenon What a fabulously informative and detailed post - thank you! Where you commented... “I am not sure what thought process triggered your question. But if you are wondering if someone else can build you a DIY server that sounds better than the Statement and costs less, I don't really know if that's easily achievable. I feel like you can only pick two items from the list below but not all 3: 1. Someone else to build it. 2. Cost is no more than the Statement. 3. Sounds better than the Statement. And lastly don't forget that a DIY server does n
  8. Nenon - You mentioned shooting higher than an Innuos Statement, so this unit would sound better? Curiously if you were to produce another, what would one of these cost?
  9. “ Done that. The Zenith would sound much better. ” Nenon - What about if you have a Zen Mkiii (not mini) if you added an ultra Rendu and the signature LPS would: 1) adding the the ultra Rendu improve the sound, 2) would that get you close to the Zenith with no Rendu?
  10. Thanks for the reply. The DAC is the current 1LE, which has DSD and Femto. The Pics... Thanks for any help!
  11. New to computer audio, and my first post. Please forgive me as I've looked high and low around the Net and can't find any document that describes the Foobar configurations for a Wyred 4 Sound 1LE DAC. I called W4S and they weren't able to help, the only thing they have documented is the JRiver setup. I did go through the Manufacturers setup process along with looking at MyTek and Exasounds Foobar instructions and did my best to configure it. The W4S DAC does play all file types, however, Foobar seems to be converting some of the files. When I play: Redbook - it show 44K1 (as it should) 2
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