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  1. or that you have bought a China copy, There are many of these on Ebay I just bought one for o test, and had many hilarious problems with it,
  2. what switch do you have ( i prefer no end, because the screen can act as an antenna for the RFI / EMI )
  3. I have used that combination for a long time and am more than satisfied, You will be surprised how good it sounds after a few hours of playing I can recommend EP-7S (solid core) sounds better than multi strand and as Miska says, shield only in one ( or no end )
  4. and what do you think is the source , when data goes in both directions in a network cable
  5. it's not a Pico completely different PSU not comparable
  6. Remember that the 3750 is a layer 3 switch that needs to be properly configured to operate optimally
  7. https://www.hdplex.com/hdplex-400w-hi-fi-dc-atx-power-supply-16v-24v-wide-range-voltage-input.html
  8. buy a decent router from ex, Netgate, Mikrotik, Routerboard, or Unifi
  9. some rewivs https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/pc-htpc-modules/matrix-element-h-usb-controler-30-femtoclock-crystek-power-filter-p-13543.html "Matrix Element H This card has advantageously replaced the previous Matrix card of the first generation. It brings more definition and therefore a better exploration of sound that results in a more natural restitution. I use it on a Supermicro card for player use (config dual pc) connected to the interface Matrix i2s and dac Denafrips Terminator."
  10. looks like a SOtM clone, improvement same chipset as SOtM, Texas drivers for both very similar layout, but seems interesting because they have another clock
  11. I have used this in, easy to cut the power cables and feed the pcie card with 3.3v, 5v and 12v if needed, makes a huge difference to the sound, https://www.asrock.com/mb/spec/card.asp?Model=BTC+PRO+Kit
  12. can see that it's not the same email address as on his contact info page,
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