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    New HDPLEX 200W LPS

  2. so ALL High End streamers who use LInux sound crap
  3. Ohh no not one more guy who thinks he knows everything about sound and how it should sound, Please stop saying the one ting sound bad, and one thing sounds Best, it's ALL ABOUT PERSONAL TASTE
  4. "Lately I found a few CA members I know talking to me privately that they want to see more honest feedback " so you don't think this threed have an honest opinion I also value AudioLinux quite highly. !!!
  5. all he does is undermining his own credibility, by writing negative about other software
  6. way better than Supra Cat 8 https://viablue.de/cn/ep7_cat7_ethernet_cable.shtml https://www.amazon.com/Price-meter-VIABLUE-EP-7S-SILVER/dp/B007I4JDZO https://www.amazon.com/Price-meter-VIABLUE-EP-7-SILVER/dp/B007I47EVE
  7. https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/performance-tuning/ethernet.html
  8. An excellent product for cloning and backing up Linux HDD (Audiolinux) https://www.miray-software.com/public/documents/HDClone_9_Product_News.en.pdf Highly recommend this product, With new ver 9 you can also host different major HHDs when cloning Linux HDD, (PS: Has nothing to do with the company, just a very satisfied user for a long time)
  9. " If you want to start with Linux first, you may try Daphile, Volumino, VortexBox, etc. before AudioLinux "
  10. What is your problem with Audiolinux ?
  11. hmm. why am I not surprised !! ,,because You are selling windows optimization
  12. If you dont now what version you need, IT's ALWAYS best to ask Piero first,
  13. try to disable fastboot in BIOS and disable full logodisplay boot