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  1. " . I'm not using a PC for music playback "
  2. Or maybe do a Image with nothing installed, but in menu option to install what you need/want to minimize size
  3. " I have made a reduced size test image with only roonbridge installe " Could you do the same with ONLY MPD/UpmpdCli/ALSA and Installed and nothing else,
  4. https://jcat.eu/product/reference-sata-cable/ Much better cable
  5. overkill for home network same subnet for all ip in that example by the way
  6. why would you use VLAN if you don't separate them in different subnets,,,,
  7. but those doesn't sound that good as the older 2960 series
  8. you should test it I'm running a 2960G/24 as backbone switch. and single mode duplex LC/UPC-LC/UPC fiber to a 29608TC-L for audio, and its sounds great
  9. Lite IOS is not for the old 2960/2960G series
  10. But I can strongly recommend a good power cables to feed it with
  11. TP-Link MC220L works excellent with cisco 2960 why wouldn't it work
  12. Don't do that it will do more harm than good
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