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  1. Let's make it $1050 so it can cover Paypal and shipping. Thanks. My Paypal is: [email protected]
  2. Your version can supply 3A continuously (and a bit more in fact), or 5A for short periods. It doesn't have the boost module fitted (this is designed to do 5A continuous, and higher in some cases) but it will suit any low-power and medium-power requirements. NUCs etc are ideal, as are routers, switches etc. The Roon Nucleus Plus for example states 3.5A as a requirement but in reality it draws far less than this, apart from one or two very brief start-up pulses, and it would work fine with your PSU.
  3. Just received Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with Mundorf Caps- 12V with DC cable. 2.5mm termination. I thought I was going to sell my tube amp, but decided to keep it. I can't the DC3 and the tube amp, and so the LPS has to go. It hasn't been plugged in yet. Sean made this for me, and I received it this past week. It has a 5 year warranty. (See email from Sean below) I paid $1450, and am selling it for $1200. The alternative is for you to sell it yourself - there are some audio forums where my PSUs seem to be well regarded. I will be willing to make an exc
  4. You don't get it, or the whole premise.. One thing has nothing to do with another. The sound signature of a streamer has thing to do with the USB implementation. I'd venture to guess that the software that a manufacturer uses in their streamer has more to do with the sound Ghan the hardware.
  5. I have no idea. I don’t have the Statement or have ever heard it. I can tell you that I had the Zenith Mk3 and sold it because I didn’t care for the sound. Nice soundstage but too dry sounding. I didn’t have the Phoenix at the same time though.
  6. I don’t make up my mind until I demo something first. The last person that I’m gonna believe is the manufacture saying that their product does USB right, or sounds neutral, etc. etc..
  7. That’s a pretty strange comment. What don’t you like about reclockers?? The fact that they correct the signal?
  8. I ordered one from Sean a couple of weeks ago and will be shipping this week. It was about $1300 or so with the conversion rate for one output. He seems like a great guy and he gets back to you almost immediately with any questions.
  9. Actually it sounds excellent now. I just wanted to tinker with some things and see if I can make it even sound better. However at the end of the day I would just be adding another couple modules, another couple linear power supplies, any more boxes to the chain, and maybe, and I mean maybe it might sound a little better. Of course it might sound the same or worse. The curse of the hobby. LOL
  10. I would never get rid of the AQVOX SE. This serves a different function than just running fiber optic.
  11. So then it's not just as simple as isolation using fiber optic? There is a difference in sound quality between the TP unit and the opticalModule I assume? Is there any difference in sound quality between optical cables? Am I better off with a longer optical cable, than ethernet cable? My router is upstairs above my audio system. I have a 10' ethernet cable coming down and into my AQVOX, and then a very good ethernet cable going into the streamer. Am I better off using a 10' optical cable and a short ethernet cable, rather than a longer ethernet cable and short fiber opt
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