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  1. Thanks for the extensive reply. I’m still trying to find out though is there a difference in performance between using a very short cable, or a 1.0 meter cable? If 1 meter is ok, I either own, or have for demo in my house: Danacable Trustream, JPs Labs Superconductor, Shunyata Sigma, Pranawire Photon, and Kubala Sosna Realization. So I have no shortage of cables to try. Just curious if I am not getting the most from the Phoenix if I don’t use a short cable. I haven’t read anything saying that. The reason I’m wondering is because I do know for products like the Uptone and Wyred 4 Sound that they do say that they want a short cable to be used from the output. BTW, the Phoenix comes with a USB cable. I’m assuming than it is for the second cable since they assume you already have one. The cable is 1 meter. I’m wondering if there thinking that the length is fine. I’m going to contact Innous in GB tomorrow and ask their opinion. I’ll post what they tell me. From the reviews, the Goebel cable sounds more like my taste. The Intona doesn’t. I like a more musical and meaty sound. I know the Wireworld Starlight is well liked, but I wouldn’t use it for free. I have demoed the XLR interconnects, USB, AES/EBU cables and they all have the same house sound. Detailed but thin sounding. Not my sound. I’d rated give up a little resolution to get a musical and fun presentation.
  2. Is a 1 meter USB cable out from the Phoenix to the DAC ok? I have generally heard with other reclockers that you want to use a short cable, but that really limits your choices of choosing your own USB cable. The phoenix comes with a shorter than 1m USB cable.
  3. I cannot believe how real the instruments sound. Also peripheral background instruments are now more prominent. This might be the biggest upgrade I've ever had. Most component Is audition, I never keep as there not worth the cost of the upgrade, or they're just a side-grade at best. I have owned an Innous Zenith Mk2, Mk3, and a Lumin U1, and Antipodes with Phoenix is far away the best. However, it's not the Antipodes, WITH the Phoenix. Of course the Phoenix is not chump change. Plus you have to add in the cost of a second USB cable, and an aftermarket power cable if you're into that. But, here's the thing, my son has a NUC with a LPS. I hooked that up to the Phoenix and it is heads and tails better than any other server I have heard. So, I could make a case for a NUC, LPS, Phoenix, and the cost would still be less than, a high end server, and sound better. Of course as they say YMMV.
  4. It’s nice to know that this great sound will even improve. So the rest of my system is as follows: Ethernet from router into AQVOX SE switch. SOtM Ethernet cable with filter into Antipodes DX. USB in and out of Phoenix into Empirical Audio Offramp USB/SPDIF converter (with Paul Hynes LPS) and AES/EBU digital cable into Metrum Pavane Level 3 DAC. Balanced analogue cables into Simaudio 600i V2 speaker amp. Abyss1266 TC headphones with balanced JPS headphone cable into balanced female XLR / banana plug adapter into the amp speaker taps. Sounds better than my 2 channel speaker setup.
  5. I’ll give more details of my system tonight. However from what I understand from my dealer, the dealers received the pre-orders this week and shipped them out. There have to be other people besides me. I’m sure a lot of people that have them don’t visit this forum. I spoke to the distributor last week and he said that they received into the United States enough to cover pre-orders, and then more would be shipped by mid January.
  6. I likey. 😀 Only running a few hours and not broken in but I love the sound., Very spacious, and the music and notes sound so real and with texture. Great ambiance. I've had components where you get nice spacing and instrument placement, but with the Phoenix you get that, but it sounds very cohesive where each instrument is playing apart from each other. (If that makes any sense). Also, ir is very smooth I have previously owned the Uptone Regen, Wyred 4 Sound Reclocker, and SOtM USB Regenerator (each one with a LPS), and none of them even com close to the Phoenix.
  7. Yes. I believe Innous shipped the preorders and then will ship stock in a couple of weeks.
  8. Just got the tracking number for mine.
  9. It was fixed to begin with. I was just wondering why local files benefited from fixing ethernet. My setup is Ethernet cable into my AQVOX SE switch, and then short Ethernet cable into an EMO EN-70E isolater into a SOtM dCBL-CAT7 Ethernet cable with filter into my NUC running Euphony software. Then USB from the NUC into Empirical Audio Offramp 5 USB/SPDIF converter into Metrum Pavane DAC via AES/EBU cable.
  10. Hi, Thanks for the comments. It’s really amazing how all of these changes affect the whole system.
  11. Man, I couldn't come up with a Topic name without it being a paragraph. LOL. I have an ethernet cable from my router to my Aqvox AQ-Switch SE. Then ethernet to my NUC, and then USB into the DAC. I can understand hearing different sound quality when I stream Tidal and Qobuz when changing ethernet cables, or plugging the Aqvox from my Hubbell to Furetech outlets. But why would I also hear a difference when playing files from the SSD in my NUC? When playing local files, the only thing that is traveling via ethernet are my commands telling my NUC what to play via my iPad , but the music goes only travels USB, as opposed to streaming which first travels ethernet before it hits the NUC and DAC. Thanks!
  12. I'm not an expert but I would do it the other way around. Max out Kazoo and DAC, and use the volume control on the amp.
  13. I just received my cable from Ghent. Am I supposed to remove or leave on the plastic piece that is on the barrel of the connector? Thanks.
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