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  1. Have had Prime for years, but never music unlimited. Got the free trial and it is free, and Amazon confirms that the charge will be $12.99/mo. or 129.99/yr starting in December. Presumably as long as I maintain my Prime membership. Can't imagine where the "illegal"(ity) would lie.
  2. Merry xmas to you and yours, Chris. Wishing you continued success. Cheers, dude.
  3. They seem to inspire a lot of hate, but I think they are tonic for much of what ails the audio market.
  4. I think the last sentence of Mr. Kerestedjian's comment as reported above is the most important one. "I'm not buying it" is my response in many ways to MQA's marketing. Whether anyone else does isn't anything I am going to lose sleep over.
  5. Puffing, iirc? I love it when the amateur lawyers come out.
  6. MQA has had, and still has, the opportunity to defend itself with facts (as opposed to opinions and subjective "impressions") to counter those propounded by Archimago and many others (many thanks to all, btw) upon which my opinions wrt MQA's value, desirability, and even dangers are based. Their continuing failure/refusal to do so, and their active efforts to contractually prevent others from doing so, or merely shout them down, both figuratively and literally apparently, speaks volumes (more loudly than any table-banging could) about their own faith in their product, and has left them with no credibility whatsoever and led me to doubt their motives and sincerity. The only question I have left is who goes under first, Tidal or MQA?
  7. I would like to be a fly on the wall for a discussion (and I use this term advisedly, as the MQA people don't seem to want to have a real discussion) between the MQA army and Mike Moffat. I think that would be entertaining.
  8. After watching the video of Chris' presentation at RMAF, the presence of Mr. Forsythe and the other representative of MQA who was there (CEO?) was apparently designed to prevent Chris from actually presenting the facts as he intended. Their performance was shameful and reeked of desperation. It was embarrassing. Sorry Chris. Nice try, but they are desperate (apparently) for the facts to not be discussed. Clearly it is more important to know who Archi really is.
  9. Schiit's customer service might live up to their name (though that hasn't been my experience) but they clearly dodged a bullet by "firing" the op ab initio. Some customers are more trouble than they are worth.
  10. I have a split second dropout near the end of every song, which occurs exactly the same amount of time from the end of the son as the time I have set for the prebuffering setting in jriver. Coincidence? I think not.
  11. I'm having an issue in playback with jriver that I hope someone can help with. I get a small skip or dropout near the end of every song, and it happens presumably when prebuffering, since if I change the time setting, it changes the time of the dropout i.e. set at 2 seconds it drops out 2 seconds from the end of the song, 20 seconds it happens 20 seconds from the end of the song. Anything I can do to get rid of this, as it is very annoying?
  12. Since poster said think sprout, I assume he was referring to dollars rather than wpc.
  13. Thanks Chris, but I knew those things. I was looking for more of a comparison of the sound characteristics of the dac sections.
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