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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I downloaded DVD audio extractor: DVD Audio Extractor -- Full featured DVD audio ripper for your easy use Once I worked out that I needed to choose 44K sampling rate for AIFF files, the software worked perfectly. Now I can hear the sound on a good stereo system without having to watch it. The performance is not available on CD. DVD video seems to be the new way of releasing musical performances.
  2. Is there a way I can stream DVD audio files to a Squeezebox from my Mac laptop? I have seen the app DVD audio extractor from Computer Application Studio recommended in 2011. Is that still a good tool for extracting the audio files to AIFF using a Mac computer? I have a DVD video of the opera Carmen, a recent release with Elina Garanca. The performance is great, so I would like to listen to it on my stereo system, and as I don't have a TV (or separate video player), watch it on my laptop. After I have watched it once, I would like to have the audio part ripped to an AIFF file which I can add to my USB external music hard drive so that I can listen to the music (and not have to watch it again). I have had success in ripping my CDs to AIFF files (using RIP by Stephen Booth) which stream from my Mac laptop over the LAN to a Squeezebox (a souped up version by Lampizator) which is connected to a Lampizator DAC. It works well and sounds excellent. The DVD part is over my head, so I would appreciate help from some of you who seem "hard core". It seems like some of the current musical performances are not available on CD. There are two other performances on DVD video that I would like to buy if you can tell me how to hear them on my stereo system.