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  1. per Auralic website firmware update notice, it says it has issue to support Ayre QB9DSD, what a pity?
  2. anyone uses the official USB driver from Ayre 1.26 version? any comment on this driver and sound quality? Thanks.
  3. Yes, actually i have already read it. Thanks. But my question is about output in foobar. In foobar: 1.could you use wasapi output to play DSD? 2.could you use TUSBaudio ouput in foobar for DSD play? 3. any suggestion to adjust the official driver setup?
  4. thanks for your feedback and seems like the official driver is not useful for DSD file play. Have you tried foobar?
  5. any other people have this official USB driver issue of Ayre QB9?
  6. Do you think we could use the official USB driver 1.26 to play DSD64 file?
  7. I have just bought one Ayre QB-9 DSD as my new DAC and love this sound style! I have tried Jriver MC 20 and foobar 1.26 and have faced same issue for playing DSD ISO file. As I play such over 96hz file, I have already installed the Thesycon driver 1.26version from Ayre link. In foobar or Jriver output, i have chosen to output with "TUSBaudio ASIO diver", but there is no sound coming out. if i choose foo_dsd_asio in foobar output, i could successfully play the DSD64 file through Dop mode and QB-9 will show 64. I could also use WASAPI output to play DSD64 frpm Jriver MC. But I real
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