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    HQ Player

    Hey all, installed trial version of hqplayer4 and when I go to set it up it won’t acknowledge my exasound ASIO drivers and I can only use core audio. Anybody have any ideas why? I’m running a Mac with an exasound e32 dac using hqplayer 3 with no issues but when I try hq4 I run into this problem.
  2. Bang and Olufsen ICEpower asp500 kits (pair), all the parts including amp modules cases, wiring and rca/xlr module from ghent audio. Everything Is brand new. Project that I haven't got around to and should pass on to someone else. Asking $750 for everything. Thanks for looking.
  3. Yes it has all the tips, it was purchased sept 2018. I believe the warranty is 24 months
  4. Selling my sbooster mk2 Eco power supply. Original owner in mint condition asking sold. Also I have the 12v sbooster ultra for further line filtering for an additional sold
  5. I stupidly lent this to some to try, it came back to me smoked... not sure if it can be rescued. Basically a grab bag of parts here, singxer board with upgraded USB socket (orange) sparkos voltage regulator, set of black gate caps (nos from sonic craft and really expensive to get) set of os con caps and a few extras including short HDMI cable. $75 for everything. The black gates cost more than my asking. Also so for sale: kitsune USB cable (about 6inches long) $40 oyaide continental5 silver USB cable (.6m) $120
  6. Selling a basically new 5v sbooster Eco MkII purchased at audio sensibility in November. Asking *sbooster is now sold* selling zero zone r-core 12v (4amp) lps. Excellent condition asking $175 comes with stock cable as well as Gotham jssg cable from Ghent audio (1/2m) reason for selling, system/plans keep changing. Thanks
  7. Selling my uptone js-2. In excellent condition comes with decent power cord and dc cables. Asking $675 I am also putting up for sale uptone ultra cap lps1.2 asking $320 it just came back from uptone with brand new board replaced under warranty. It does not have smps power supply as it was powered by js2)
  8. That's the price for Ethernet based extender not fibre, it's much more expensive if I reading all this right.
  9. Selling my zerozone lps, it's a dual output 12v(3.5amp) - 5v(4.5amp) power supply (two 65w r-core trannies) I'm original owner it's in excellent shape. I no longer need the 12/5 so I've purchased a different zerozone to replace this one. Asking $180
  10. Selling my dac as I've replaced it with another. Very good condition original owner. Lots of info out there on these. Has the upgraded amanaro usb board. Sold
  11. I've updated the add, sparkos voltage regulater is back in the unit. Ready for a new home. Thanks
  12. Been down that exact road (USB 3 fibre extender) big oops. That said the USB 2 versions are a game changer for me and I've been around the block with intona, ISO regen, Ethernet switches, allo bridge etc etc. Supprized that these fibre converters are not talked about more because they handedly beat out a lot of stuff that has come into my listening room. Right now there's a guy on eBay selling evertz ( rebadged icron) for reasonable price, he's got 45 of them and I know for a fact he takes offers at a much reduced rate from his asking price. Really ought to be a thread about the icons (fibre versions)
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