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  1. More general question. What is the proper procedure for installing new versions on Mac OS without breaking connections to preferences and projects and such? I have often found new versions do not allow me to open older saved projects successfully. Not a huge deal, but I would like to avoid losing old stuff if I could.
  2. Crisis averted. I was able to use another Mac in the house that was having the license problem. Stand by the help desk access needing some attention. All went relatively smoothly. Am I hearing a new whistle like sound at the very end at the each of the 3 sweeps?
  3. I just tried to rework my measurements with all the updated software (2.3 and 1.0.3) on my MacOS system using the standalone processor. I am having the same issue mentioned above saying that I "do not have the the proper license". I tried the dismiss, login, logout suggestion above several times with no luck. I can however see and connect to my NAD 758 and 658 based systems from the Dirac Live measurement software. They seem to work correctly most of the time. No complaints there. THEN - and I apologize in advance for the ranting that is about to begin... When I try to connect to the Dirac help center - the same cycle of problems starts that happens EVERY time I have an issue. My password won't work. I try to change it. I get a notice that an email will be sent that I don't get. I check my junk folder - its not there. Try the whole thing several times again. Eventually that email will finally get through. Then I will file a ticket, and get no response. Then I will try again, and get no response. Finally, we will connect somehow and they will suggest that my ISP is on some sort of restricted list. I will remind them that we have already had this conversation, and that I have checked all the lists per their suggestion, and that there is no problem - and that I have no problem communicating with any other help desk on the PLANET - just this one. Then I will curse a lot, and come here, or an other forum to post where the very helpful and apologetic Flavio will intervene and I can move forward. I owe him a drink sometime - but I think we maybe on opposite sides of a large body of water. I cannot understand how a company that can make such a sophisticated and powerful product cannot get the whole licensing and help desk thing to work. I get so frustrated every time this happens - I start considering buying a $2000 NAD M10 to replace my standalone setup - just to not have to deal with this crap anymore. And then, after this time spent learning I can't use the software, getting pissed off, ranting in public at strangers in frustration - my family will come downstairs and start making noise again so that I can't take measurements even if I wanted to. I just don't know why I try to make the standalone work anymore. I am about to ask for help I guess - but I am not sure I really want it. Am I alone in thinking this is just too much damn effort? Help?
  4. OK - Dirac help portal replied and set me straight on needing to actually use the processor to start the measurement process. Results are impressive. Went with wide image sofa setting. Image seems much bigger than before, while retaining detail and separation of things. Greatest difference seems to be in mids - more forward then before - perhaps too much on some pieces. Lows seem pretty consistent with earlier versions. Having more than a few of those hearing new things in very familiar recordings moments. No clipping noted yet - but I am using -3db of headroom management in Roon. Now if only the standalone was as easy to use at is on my NAD 658 and 768v3...
  5. I am finally trying to do some fresh measurements for my standalone system. I can get the calibration tool going. It sees my UMIK mic, but I cannot seem to get the tones to come out the digital out on my iMac. I am guessing that it is trying to send them to my NAD 658 that it recognized at startup. How do I tell the calibration tool to use the local output? Ted
  6. So I have the link to the 0.9.24 processor for Mac. But did I see above that the current calibration tool is the same one that I already have for my NAD T758v3 and C658? Ted
  7. Sorry to jump in on this late in the game. I registered to participate in the Dirac Live standalone beta - but got scared off with all the problems at early stages. Just needed my system to work and the emails were making my head spin a bit. Does it make sense to jump in at this point? Are we close to formal release or is there something I can still add to the beta? Kind of lost track with all the emails - and I don't think I even know where to find (for certain) the current versions of the measurement tool and processor for Mac OS. Is there one page with the current version? Ted
  8. Makes sense - must have confused another conversation about a 2014 Mac mini. I think mine is 2014.
  9. I am pretty sure my Mac mini of the same vintage thatr runs the older standalone Dirac is updated to 10.14. Why would you be limited bon MacOS when it should update for free? Am I missing something? I have not messed around with the new beta yet. I would like to but am concerned about all the issues people are reporting here and just want my system to work.
  10. Sorry it is the NAD specific version. I don't believe the standalone new versions are out yet. Should have specified.
  11. Finally was able download Dirac Live 2.1.2 for MacOS after weeks of being unable to login to my account, change my password, or get help via help desk. Clicked on downloaded zip file. Got Dirac Live icon. No instruction file. Clicked on file. Got dialog that file cannot be opened. Dragged file to applications folder. Clicked on file. Got dialog that file cannot be opened. Checked security preferences - no indication that Dirac Live install/run is being restricted. Googled issue. No results consistent with my experience. SO frustrated. This product used to be much easier to use in my experience. Was thinking about adding a new NAD C658 to my system when it becomes available - but have to think twice when I can't seem to even try out the new software without encountering even the most basic problems. And this as an experienced Dirac Live user. Sorry - but again I ask for help. Please.
  12. Flavio: I used the link you provided to submit a ticket to the help desk. I did get a reply with a link on to how to reset my password. I followed the link, submitted my email address as directed, received a confirmation that a message had been sent, but received no email. I then followed up on that ticket 28708 telling helpdesk staff that the reset process was not not working. I asked if there was anyway they could reset my password manually. There was no reply. As has been the case to almost all of my attempts to use the helpdesk portal in recent weeks. I have never had a more frustrating customer service experience. All I want to do is change a password to access a product I paid for. There is clearly something wrong with the communications between my ISP and Dirac - but I have I see no way on the Dirac page to contact staff other than the helpdesk portal that has not worked MANY times. I don't know how many more times I can type the same request for routine help and get no response. How many times have all of us completed password change requests with no problems? Can you please forward this message to someone who can help me? Ticket number 28708.
  13. I have been unable to sign in my to my Dirac store account for weeks. At least 3-4 contact requests initiated with the contact form on the website have resulted in NO response. I was confident that my login information was correct, but requested a password change anyway from the login page at the Dirac store. I did not receive a email in response to any of those requests until today - but the new password they sent did not work either. There is definitely something not working right here. I tried the portal mentioned in the post above - and that did actually result in a receipt email and case # - but that contact form is different from the one you get on the Dirac store website. Sorry to dump this routine in Flavio's lap - but he has been so helpful in a range of web forums about Dirac. What is a customer to do when they need help - and the contact form requesting help appears to be the problem. Hoping Dirac customer service hears about this and can get the issue resolved. The product delivers great results but the lack of communication concerns me. i am looking to buy some additional NAD gear with Dirac compatibility but am thinking twice now. Help?
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