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  1. Excuse my ignorance but is there any advantage to run Roon+HQplayer with a Chord Mscaler (I just ordered one 😀!)
  2. It's been interesting following my thread but except for a couple of posts most have not addressed the fundamental question from my original post. Is it a bad idea to connect a mac mini directly to my DAC via usb? I think it sounds good or am I missing something??
  3. I would be happy to test myself but it's difficult to do this now with quarantine as I can't borrow any gear. With regards to your second question, YES! Actually, I do look to reviews to guide me and give me answers. Why is that unreasonable? Isn't that their JOB!!!
  4. Just as an example: https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/new-optical-ethernet-streamer-from-sonore-systemoptique-sopt.7479/ Is it surprising I'm confused and skeptical? Very frustrating!!! Why should I have to go to the expense and hassle of buying everything, rewiring my house just so I can test this?? Then reviews (who get all the gear for free to test) say -we'll you have to trust your own ears!
  5. Is USB straight from a computer to a DAC really a bad or should everyone always strive to isolate the computer's USB output from the audio stream??? I connect my Chord Quest directly to my Mac Mini; which is dedicated to only running ROON Core; with an AudioQuest Diamond USB and I think it sounds great. But I according to manufactures of network streamers, eliminating the computer (or using an expensive audio optimized PC like an Innuos) will always sound significantly better. I've also read that this is not necessarily the case and it really depends on how usb is implemented in the source
  6. Is USB straight from a computer to a Chord DAC; like the Qutest the best connection possible? Has anyone here tested their Qutest connected directly to a computer / laptop with USB vs a network streamer? I connect my Quest directly to my Mac Mini, which dedicated to only running ROON Core with an AudioQuest Diamond USB and I think it sounds great. But could it sound significantly better if I eliminated the computer from the stream??? I've read lots that taking a usb connection directly from a computer is just a 'bad' idea but I've also heard that it really depends on how usb is implemented
  7. Highly regarded Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC in excellent condition. There are a few very small marks (see photos) that are only visible close up. Used in a smoke free environment in a dedicated headphone system. Only selling because I liked it so much I want to move up to a Terminator. Asking $950USD including shipping to continental U.S. or Canada New: $1625USD (with a 3-4 week wait) Buyer pays for additional insurance and/or PayPal fees (if used).
  8. I guess that means you have heard the TT2 but it wasn't enough to move you to change from what you currently use??
  9. I'm intrigued by your comment about the Chord Hugo TT2+Mscaler. Have you reviewed these components? Do you think they're 'better' than your current reference setups or just more livable without sacrificing anything? I'm also thinking about doing the same thing but wondering how much of an improvement I would get over my Violectric 281 amp + Denafrips Pontus DAC (which I very much enjoy!) Cheers!
  10. I could also put an Apple airport express on the audio rack and connect that to my wireless network and the SMS-200 via Ethernet. (Wireless access point). Is there a sonic downside to connecting wirelessly?
  11. Please forgive me if this is a dumb question but is it possible to connect the sms200 directly to a computer (mac mini in my case which runs my roon core) via ethernet and eliminate the need for a router altogether? Is there a downside to this? Alternatively, I would need to place a wireless router in the room and run ethernet from that to the sotm.
  12. Look here:Ayre QB-9 DSD Dac (Silver) For Sale - Canuck Audio Mart
  13. The new MBP don't have ethernet (you need a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter). Is that a consideration? I can still buy the older version that has ethernet.
  14. From what I've read here, to get the full potential, it's mandatory to install an SSD for running the OS only and using an external NAS or HDD on firewire or Thunderbolt (NOT USB). Also adding a Linear PS adds about $1k to the cost whereas in theory a MacBook running on battery should be even better. A current generation MacBook gets about 9hrs! Overheating is a non issue and I've never heard of 'battery bloat'?? I've had older MacBook Pros for work running 24x7 with no issues.
  15. I agree with you but once you configure a Mac Mini with 8GB and a SSD, there less than $500 difference in cost and the MacBook Pro is more versatile and will hold it's value better.
  16. Display is not an issue as I would connect either to my plasma. My 'media' room has to do double duty.
  17. Hi, New to this so please bear with me... Currently using an Apple TV to stream music to my system until I implement a capable music server. Most post here and other 'how-to's' recommend a modded Mac mini. Why is a Mac mini better than an equivalent spec'd MacBook Pro? What about a Macbook air? Is a Mac mini only superior once it's heavily modded (i.e. adding a Linear Power Supply). I've read all the post I can find about modding the Mac mini but it seems to me that a MacBook on battery power would be equivalent (if not better). I'm looking for something that I can repurpos
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