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  1. Steven was friendly with my parents many years ago. As an 8yo I used to harass him as he was trying to rehearse in our living room. I wonder if he still remembers me :)
  2. Duke Ellington In Sweden 1973 (Highlights From The Swedish Radio Jazz Archives)
  3. Btw, you can listen to samples online here: https://www.soundliaison.com/index.php/698-nola-red
  4. That was new to me. Adding it to my collection now. I already have a few RB albums which I enjoy a lot.
  5. Vittorio Grigolo - The Italian Tenor Great voice, imo.
  6. Michel Godard - Monteverdi: a trace of grace
  7. I started using Qobuz yesterday and it was working well. Enjoyed the selection and sound quality. But today the search is just not working. I get an endless spinning icon. The site works in other ways though, such as the discovery feature. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Henri René and His Orchestra - Music for Bachelors
  9. One of my all time faves.... Sylvia Telles - Carícia
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