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  1. How have I never found this before? Very nice.
  2. Pity that the website only accepts MP3 for now. I tried to upload an album in MP3 format but the upload was rejected because the folder contained cover art and only MP3 files could be accepted. This means uploading selected tracks from each album, rather than uploading whole folders, which is a deal breaker for any significant number of albums.
  3. That 'piece' was an absolute embarassment to you and to Stereophile. If you sleep with dogs you will wake up with fleas, and MQA definitely likes to chase cats and urinate on car wheels.
  4. Did you read the papers? I selected this one copied above for a closer look. It doesn't test for audibility at all – it was testing for physiological symptoms such as nausea, pain or tinnitus. Furthermore, the test tones started at 12kHz. Hardly ultrasonic and not relevant to the discussion here. It really pays to read studies before citing them ;)
  5. Why? MQA is garbage whether it is patented or not. There's no reason for anyone else to want to use it. Far too many people here are being sucked into arguments against the MQA scammers who present no facts, are not acting in good faith and have a clear conflict of interest. Complete waste of time if you ask me. Let's collectively make it known to every streaming platform, record label and equipment manufacturer that we take a very dim view of them hopping onto this fraudulent bandwagon. MQA can't die soon enough.
  6. When I told Amir that MQA had NOT provided reasonable explanations, this was his response: Wow, he is really embarrassing himself and insulting his forum users in the process. "Meltdown" is an apt description.
  7. I see that BS labelled your video as "a libellous manifesto". What a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if he threatens legal action to shut you up but rest assured that this is would be an act of desperation and a bullying tactic. If anyone needs a good lawyer, it is BS himself, after committing acts of fraud on any customers, partners and investors from which MQA may have received payment based on his false claims.
  8. Now that he has demonstrated that he is willing to act as a shill for a complete fraud like MQA nothing he says can ever be taken seriously.
  9. Not sure what you mean about "even-handedness". If there is nothing good to say about MQA, and clearly there isn't, then any factual and reasonable presentation about MQA will be highly critical.
  10. Arranged, Played, Composed by Jack Montrose
  11. Ray Charles - The Genius After Hours
  12. Interesting but I doubt that the ASA is the best forum for challenging MQA. MQA's response on that link was plain ridiculous: That could just as easily describe MP3. What a joke. And no, they provided no useful information on their website about how it worked.
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