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  1. Buck Clayton: Jumpin' At The Woodside
  2. I had to censor the cover in case anyone is at work :) Hareton Salvanini - A Virgem de Saint Tropez
  3. Abdullah Ibrahim – No Fear, No Die
  4. The Modern Jazz Quartet - The Complete Last Concert Toe-tapping goodness
  5. Something which is closer to an actual programme bug is the overloaded pop-up window which appears when hovering over a suggestion on a classical album. It becomes impossible to review the suggestion as the suggestion doesn't fit into the pop-up.
  6. Just a small example of Bliss being misled by the Discogs database. The track name is correct but Bliss would like to change the word "For" to "Fro". This seems to be an error in the Discogs database. To remove any doubt, here is the track listing on the CD itself: I will try to submit a correction to Discogs for this example.
  7. Hi @Dan Gravell, I wish now that I had posted feedback when my memory was fresh. The Buddy Bregman example was just the first that I found today and that is a particularly tricky example as back in those days the artist name could change a little with every release as they formed slightly difference groups and so there is an argument to be made for unifying the artist name (and this probably explains why Discogs links to the alternative name). However, there are some better examples such as this mystifying suggestion to change the album artist to "Various Artists" :)
  8. I tried it a month ago so unfortunately my memory of it isn't as fresh any more. My impression was that I liked the overall concept and design of the app but it was let down by the quality of the data source upon which it relied. For example, one of my pet peeves is tags which combine multiple artists into one tag, e.g. a tag which creates a new artist tag of "Nancy Sinatra & Frank Sinatra" rather than creating two individual artist tags. Or, even worse, tags of the same pairing using a mixture of "and" and "&" for different albums. In some cases, the database w
  9. The (small) problem with posting two or more albums at once is that we can't rate each individual suggestion. My like was for the first one 🙂
  10. Esther Ofarim - Esther Ofarim (1969)
  11. Brendan Perry - Ark (You might know Brendan from the group Dead Can Dance)
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