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  1. I just received a very suspicious email that looks like a notification that I received a message on Audiophile Style. The subject of the message was "Lottery among members of the forum.". Because it has a link to "form.gifts", which looks pretty suspicious, I came directly to the site. I don't have anything in my inbox, so that confirms the email I received is fake. The message was from "Danielle_Martin". Can a site admin confirm what's going on? I changed my site password. Should everyone?
  2. Great coverage. Thanks. Is the Wire World headphone cable polygraph available for purchase?
  3. "the Mu-so will literally be priceless" Priceless? really? You would not sell it for a two thousand dollars? a million dollars?
  4. Ahh, ok. So discussion of software, beyond bugs and usability feature set, is about upsampling and not bitperfect transfer to the DAC. Possibly also about clock issues, but that is more in the OS, USB hardware implementation, USB cable, and DAC. Thanks.
  5. Pardon me for opening an old thread, but how does the music playback software affect sound quality? If the software is doing its job properly, isn't it just passing the bits perfectly to the DAC?
  6. Fun store and great pics. I happened to be in Nashville last night (at an IT conference), and I said "what the hell" and I saw them. Floor/center seat; awesome (easy to get a ticket for just one person). They still have the sound and moves, albeit they move a bit slower. They are old and it shows, but for 70 somethings, they are fantastic. I also decided I need a WAY bigger sub for my home stereo :-)
  7. My son, one of these kids into vinyl because he likes the sound, sent me this comic. It's hilarious and right on the money.
  8. I would love that, but for photos, at least, the remote Amazon server isn't mountable. One has to use their client to upload content. It's a brain-dead client, if I recall. Just uploads what you tell it to upload. No sync feature. Yep, just downloaded Amazon Cloud Drive for my Mac. At least for the "free" photo service for Prime members, you have to use the App to upload. Brain-dead.
  9. Don't hold your breathe. Amazon doesn't intend for the service to be a back up service. They don't even have a sync client (at lease not on Mac). If I recall, folder support in the photo section was very poor. Basically, you get what you pay for.
  10. I use CrashPlan. They do not throttle upload into their service. I have over 5TB backed up with them. Mac, Linux, Windows, and few NAS' as well. I have the family plan, so all my computers and my server are back uped up there. I also have local backups.
  11. I think you mean dyed-in-the-wool not tied-in-the-wool
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