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  1. There is also software that runs on a pc/laptop as a remote control for the UPL96ETL. https://www.ecdesigns.nl/en/blog/uplremote-software
  2. Just for info. For having a more recent version of LMS I run Daphile as a Virtual Machine on my Mac.
  3. Got feedback by Kimmo through the daphile website. Daphile supports BruteFIR mode only for the players that run under Daphile. It's a player-side feature. However its possible to use external LMS and connect Daphile players to use it.
  4. Is room correction possible with my setup? I have LMS running with Daphile as a Virtual Machine. And a raspberry pi with picoreplayer. That is working. Next step is to check if the current setup could be extended with room correction before I go further. I have read that BruteFir as a plugin is available in Daphile and that something like FIR files can be loaded. According this post #630 PCM resampling needs to be set to "Fixed rate - BruteFIR mode". That is done under Audio Devices (example #666) I think. Under Daphile, running as a Virtual Machine I see Ensoniq AudioPCI. I suppose that i
  5. Not an expert. Just my thoughts. Bluesound Node 2. Some info There is also Elac Discovery DS-S101-G audio server/streamer You could also go for Sotm sms-200 or the Microrendu. Think they can also run a Logitech Media Server I think. There is also the option to run PicorePlayer on a Raspberry Pi. Different options are explained on Hans' YouTube channel. Depends a bit on your requirements. Price, turn key abilities, sound quality, music library size...
  6. I'm contemplating on getting a portable recorder like a Tascam DR-100 MK3 for 'needle drops'. Can also double to record instrument practicing.
  7. Qobuz now boasts the best of cognitive technologies | The Qobuz Blog https://www.musimap.com/home
  8. I'm also interested. Concerning the Raspdigi getting its power... I'm not sure it is trough de digi board. That's the open question. For those interested, more info on powering through the digi board There is also a post on the HifiBerry forum about the parts https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206543509-Digi-Linear-Power-and-DAC-Suggestions The Raspdigi digi board seems to be able to have a BNC connecter. Not sure if it is possible with the HifyBerry digi board.
  9. Thank you. Fun to read. Could be a possibility when I go for a DAC upgrade.
  10. Bad news. Since about 8 months I renew monthly my subscription... I like it.
  11. It would be very nice indeed if it would be an update for the SMS-100.
  12. My opinion, taking into account the budget. Passive bookshelf speakers: Dali or those new Elacs. For the amp, class D? I understood there exist nice sounding ones. Or DIY. For active speakers there is also Prodipe. On those I'm reading up. Looking for an extra smaller system for my desk...
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