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  1. The new Mac Minis have the M1 as well.
  2. I don't mind paying for upgrades, if they're aimed at my needs and enjoyment of the player. With the upgrade model, I can always call a halt as I still own rights to the older version. I would have been happy to pay for an upgrade to A+ 3.5 that gave us this great sound without clogging things up with Roon-lite features. (BTW Roon really wouldn't be on my list - along with Musicbrainz, it's the opposite of what I want in a player.)
  3. That's what I feared. So, A+3.5 has cost me about $150 so far (Version 1 full price; upgrades to v2, v3, and v3.5, plus the iOS remote, which wasn't originally free.) For that price, I've had great sound for more than 8 years so far, and can continue as long as there are Macs which will run it. (The machine running A+ doesn't do anything else, so no need to upgrade to new Mac OSs that might eventually not run 3.5) The next 8 or more years will cost me nearly $1000 ($90 per year), and I still don't own a player and to keep sending money... That's quite a price increase. It puts us in a different market. The AS sound is great, but really, 3.5 sounds great already. $1000 for the next decade makes HQ Player seem like quite a bargain. Even Roon lifetime PLUS HQPlayer. Or a NAIM hardware network player. Or...
  4. Does anyone know how the subscription works? If you cancel - or don't renew - some years down the line, do you get to keep using the version you have? (With no updates, obviously...) Our do you get the "Your subscription has expired." message like we did today on the trial?
  5. I got the same email today. (I wonder how many of us were "the first one to raise it"?) In any case, we're now at a reasonable exchange rate, at least for today (since rates constantly change). I'm on the fence as well: I hate the UI, and have lots of issues with the remote, which is the main way I deal with A+. None of the new features are relevant as I don't stream... But the sound really is a big improvement, so it might be worth the upgrade (now CAD 64.99) to see if we really do get regular fixes from the subscription model.
  6. I haven't had a response to an email (to [email protected]) about the pricing. I will subscribe at the announced price, but not for $20 USD higher, which is what they are charging for Canada.
  7. Headless Mac Mini with the M1 chip ???
  8. You might be younger than me! My memory isn't as reliable as it was... But with classical music, it can get harder. For instance, I know I want to play Vilde Frang's recording of the Korngold, but I need to be reminded who the conductor and orchestra accompanying her on that disc were. And with a couple thousand classical albums, plus thousands more I worked on in some way during my career, I don't remember them all. Or I think I have something, then realise I had worked on the release 30 years ago but never brought a copy home...
  9. I should have specified: it doesn't overwrite your data in your files. It just displays this incompetent stuff on screen. It's already a problem for classical music that Audirvana almost never displays the complete field of either artist or title as it is. Since Studio puts its garbage data in front of the real data (ie, at the beginning of the field), you will only see the silly stuff, and not the correct stuff. Here's what it's trying to display: Studio's opinion first, then my metadata. Of course, usually you're only going to see about the first third of this, or less:
  10. OK, here's a real-life example of how Studio is "recovering" data to "correct" the user's tags. Two albums by the same artist, each as displayed in the mini-player in A+ 3.5 and in Studio. These are local files, not streamed, and as always I have edited the metadata for accuracy and consistency before adding the files to my library. First, Vilde Frang's debut album from 2009 on EMI Classics (now Warner Classics). The first image is A+ 3.5, using my metadata tags from the file: The next is from Studio, using "recovered" metadata. Note the name of the orchestra has been changed, the conductor's name is truncated, and the soloist isn't mentioned at all: Which info is correct? Well the orchestra's name was originally "Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Et cetera" but it was changed a quarter century ago to WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln. This recording was made more than a decade after the name change. But you don't need to know that: just read the cover - the Art Director will have carefully checked the artists' contracts to be sure they used the correct name and spelling on the cover and in the booklet. Now here's Frang's 2016 Warner Classics album, first on A+ 3.5 using my metadata from the file: And the improved metadata from Studio. Note that the soloist has been eliminated, and a second conductor has been added to the first: Which one is correct? Eliahu Inbal was the conductor of this orchestra from 1974 until 1990. This recording was made in 2015 (released in 2016), and Maestro Inbal had long moved on. He had nothing to do with this recording. But you don't need to know that: just read the cover. Which data is correct? It's easy really: which matches what's on the covers? Even easier: Just use my metadata.
  11. The price for previous users in Canada is also about $62 USD.
  12. I think you misread the comment. It did not in any way praise or recommend JRiver. It merely pointed out, factually, that they now seemed to be the only player that accepted the users metadata tags without "improving" them.
  13. Yes, that's my concern. They've announced a price of USD $69.99, but this Canadian price is actually 25% higher - about USD $86.33 - They appear to be using an exchange rate that is nearly 20 years old. (https://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/daily-exchange-rates/) Of course, there is no reason for them to even consider the exchange rate. Just make all sales in US Dollars, and let the credit card take care of exchange. Audirvana get their money in US$, and users pay the credit card in their local currency. (If they are charging tax, they are also wrong. Downloads from foreign companies do not attract tax or duties in Canada.)
  14. I'm curious if anyone here who does NOT live in the USA, sees the price for Studio on Audirvana.com in US Dollars. The price announced at launch was USD $69.99, or USD $49.99 for registered users of 3.5 - Is that what you see here? https://audirvana.com/subscribe/
  15. I also see that Musicnobrainz ID data is being used to add a release date when you choose to see metadata. This would be nice, if it were accurate. It generally is not. The last disc I looked at says release date was 31 December 2019. It actually wasn't even recorded until January 2020, with a release date early in 2021. The disc before also says release date 31 Dec 2019. It was actually recorded on 15 March 2020, and released last week. Please let users turn off all uses of external data. Completely.
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