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  1. When I've had Audirvana refuse to add a title to the library (by putting it in one of the monitored folders), I've been able to add just that album folder as a monitored one. (See "Piano Starts Here" in screen grab)
  2. Mostly I use the iOS app (and my example was albums, not tracks), but even on the computer this isn't a solution. The larger you make any one field, the less info fits in other fields. In classical music both the album and the artist info can be quite lengthy. There IS an easy answer, of course: wrapping text. Unfortunately, Audirvana hasn't chosen to allow that option.
  3. And a propos, I just wanted to play a particular Haydn quartet... Well, a lot of classical composers have written lots of pieces with the same descriptor (not really a name) except for the number, or publication number (opus). So I have pages and pages (or screens and screens) of Haydn quartets that look like this in Audirvana. How do I get the particular one I want?
  4. Practically all my titles, album and track, are truncated on the computer screen and the iOS remote. More in some views, less in others. The iPhone version of the iOS app doesn't even support landscape view, so you're pretty much in the dark. I'm not aware of any preferences or other user control. If I really need to see all the info, I open the file in Yate or iTunes. Not elegant.
  5. That's why you don't get the error message.
  6. Less extreme might just be a reboot. I don't know how you use Audirvana, but mine is on a dedicated computer, and I normally never turn it off. Every so often I get the SysOpt error message. I just restart the computer, and it clears for another month or so.
  7. That is correct. He's showing you how iTunes will create duplicates of your music files. If those two checkmarks are selected, iTunes will make a copy of your file in its own media folder, while leaving the original file wherever it was.
  8. Yate with a 't' (Yah-tay) by 2 Many Robots. $20 bucks but with a 14-day free trial. It's a great program - very easy and intuitive, but with a lot of automating / programming power if you dig in. (Good support and constantly being updated, too.)
  9. On the Mac version (I assume W10 is the same?) there is an "Export Playlist..." and "Import Playlist..." under the FILE menu.
  10. Yes. With my iFi iDSD I had to set the PCM max to 768 to get it play DSD at it's correct max over DOP. Just don't try to actually play PCM any higher than 384.
  11. Hey, odelay - I wasn't having problems with duplicates in A+, but when I temporarily couldn't use it during a hardware repair, I had lots of duplicates just using DLNA and my wireless HEOS speakers. When I saw your note, a lightbulb went on... went into Synology DSM, tried re-indexing, and what do you know? No more duplicates! So, thanks for the tip - I really need to spend more time with the Synology apps. There's real power there.
  12. If you're referring to the post above, this is the Synology Control Panel in DSM. (Synology's disc management software for its NAS drives.)
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