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  1. Check that these are set. I cannot get to my install today or I could show you where they are.
  2. Seems a difficult issue but I don't have much else for you to try. With a little effort I did find this link however: Index of /firmware/stable/old And it appears there are old versions available. Be sure to get 32-bit vs 64-bit based on what your machine needs. And you may need this: http://www.daphile.com/firmware/stable/old/README
  3. Then IF there are other drives in the "PC", be sure to set up the boot sequence in the BIOS so that the only drive enabled is the USB stick. BIOS issues on some PCs can make it difficult to get the Linux install running. Then use Rufus to completely reinstall the latest Daphile onto the stick. I do know that a failed install try from USB "has" made the stick unusable for a second try for me at least. This was quite a while ago. The process has to run to completion or the stick may need to be reset completely.
  4. "to my PC" What does that mean? Your HDD? A fresh drive? A dual-boot drive? Another USB stick/drive on the PC? I believe in the past there were some issues with installing to a drive that was not completely wiped before installing. I'll look back through the thread to see if I can find what my mind tells me was there.
  5. What type drive are you installing "from" and what type drive are you installing "to"?
  6. And I have no problem with my network either. And no problem with Daphile on my network. But a Windows PC does, occasionally. What I am talking about is likely a HW issue with the NIC, in the PC, not your perfect network. That's all I got.
  7. I can't prove otherwise of course but I have not had an issue with IP or MAC from my Daphile PC for two plus years. And I update every time there is even a Beta release. I'm sure you've tried it, but do you reboot the PC or do you power down completely, even removing the power plug from the PC? I have had an issue with a PC that is not my Daphile system where I have to remove all power, even AC before it will network connect again.
  8. Is your Daphile PC cabled to the router, or using wireless?
  9. I never could determine if he had a point. Just some old quotes that had nothing to do with stuttering from me. Oh well.
  10. For a stopgap move I Windows remote desktop into the PC with the Tidal app on it that lets me run the MQA/Masters stuff. This is a dual-boot PC with Win 10 and Daphile. It's a little cumbersome and getting the right audio/driver set up on the Tidal app when in remote desktop can be frustrating but I am making it work for now. Would rather move completely back to Daphile if the MQA/Masters stuff gets incorporated into that Tidal add-on.
  11. I won't be much help but I did search the forum and apparently you need to be sure you are running 32-bit UEFI according to a post around June 2016.
  12. Has anyone determined a way to get the Tidal add-on to Daphile to play the Tidal Masters selections at full rate (typically 96 kHz / 24 bit)? Or know if the MQA decoding can be done with Daphile? I can play the Masters tracks with SW decoding from my Windows Tidal application install but much prefer to continue with Daphile if possible.
  13. Thanks! I would swear I had tried that entry format over and over with no luck. This time it worked like a charm. I was amazed to see a green check mark instead of a red fail sign. Guess I just needed to see it to believe it.
  14. Glad I could help. Now if someone can help me..... For all the ways I have tried I cannot get my new QNAP NAS to connect to Daphile in the Network drives area. I can see the NAS from my PC that is on the same network as the Daphile PC but Daphile always fails to connect. Looking back through this thread I never see a snapshot of a Network drive that works. Thanks for any help.
  15. If you switch the stages tab to Devel in the link I gave, then click the "Save R&D Options" (first picture) button there, that should force the normal System Firmware - Check Update function under the Daphile Settings tab (second picture) to search for all updates instead of just Stable ones.
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