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  1. Now I have made two major steps to improve sound: 1. I have replaced my Fritz repeater with a Pioneer AS-WL300 wireless WLAN adapter. - no additional WLAN radiation from the Pioneer as compared to the Fritz repeater) - has no internal SMP - power is delivered via a dedicated USB port which I feed momentarily from the "Innuos backup" USB port. I consider to use a power bank or alinear supply. - I have replaced the 3m ethernet cable by the short cable that comes with the device. Although the former long cable was optimally isolated for EMI I heard a dulling of the music. may be I have to recheck with a short audiophile ethernet cable? Remember all these effects are easily checkable because the Innuos playes without the wlan connected. 2. THE SECOND MAJOR IMPROVEMENT COMES WITH VIBRATION ISOLATION OF THE INNUOS se. It SITS NOW ON A WOOD PLATE THAT ITSSELF SITS ON AIR CUSHIONS - THIS MATERIAL IS USUALLY USED FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES. Openness and Tonality are greatly improved.
  2. in the meantime I have communicated with Innuos and they also believe that my wlan to ethernet bridge looks suspicious This is a Fritz wlan repeater 1750Ethat has a SMP power supply the wlan to ethernet converter and a wlan transmitter all in the same box - this seems to be worst case. I will get a device that simply converts wlan to ethernet and can get its DC power via a USB plug or a separate DC power supply. Will report later.
  3. my setup for my Innuos SE is straigt forward: 1. All music is on the Innuos SSD and played with the Innuos player. 2. Output is with USB to AFI USB/EZEEBU Interface and DAC. 3. To control the setup Innuos is connected with a ethernet cable to a wlan/ethernet bridge My Problem: While playing an album I can pull the power of the wlan/ethernet bridge and shut off ethernet to Innuos. This leads to a Quite dramatic improvement of musicality. In order to get control back I have to shut down Innuos and restart it. Until now I believed that this detoriation happens only when music is transferred on ethernet - however this tells me otherwise. Do I need all the sophisticated solutions to clean the ethernet route that are described in this forum or get I along with ethernet filter, optical lan etc?
  4. I have loaned an Innuos Zenith SE and set it up as intended but also tried the connection with ethernet to my SMS-200ultra/SPS-500 combo. In this case I have set Ipeng to "SMS-200 USB as actual player" I see the Zenith music database and the sound seems warmer and more open althoug some of the special character of the Zenith is lost. I have not seen reports from other members so far. I am new to Network players and do not understand what is the Zenith and what is the SMS-200 contribution to the sound?
  5. Please help me to understand my SMS/Zenith setup. 1. my SMS-200ultra/SPS-500 goes via an AFI USB/optical/EAS EBU Interface to my DAC. Data are on a USB stick in the SMS USB-1 port, Control is with Ipeng, Squeezelite is used. This runs without problem. Now I have loande a Zenith SE and control it with Ipeng and get all the clarity and dynamics that are reported from other members one thing I miss is that on classical music low level content is dynamically set back andnot that openas I would expext. Now I have connected the Zenith via ethernet to the SMS and have set Ipeng SMS-200 USB to actuell player. I have the Zenith Database for selection and music plays with great openness. I am new to Network players and do not understand which parts of Zenith and SMS are contributing to this setup. 1. Does the Zenith simply replace my USB stick? probably not because I also see the Squeeze part in Ipeng. 2. The Zenith SE would simply play the roll of a nAS? Or can it justify the costs in this setup? Please help me to understand what I am doing. Klaus
  6. I am surprised that nobody has reported from a direct Ethernet connection from a Zenith to an SMS-200ultra or similar device. From my understanding Have I to conclude that the Zenith SP alone is the better solution?
  7. I have not Yet setup my SOTM SMS-200ultra/SPS-500 to connect with eithernet to a music storage device and use presently an USB stick directly into the SMS. Could someone comment how significant the SQ penalty is with this USB solution? Has someone tried a Innuos Zenith into an SMS vie eithernet cable?
  8. I use a USB-stick with a SMS-200ultra powered by a SPS-500 and want to switch to a SSD connected via a TX-usbultra to the SMS-200ultra What can I expect regarding SQ?
  9. Hello, I am using the AFI/USB from Artistik Fidelity - replacing a M2tech Hiface+Battery PS + Clock. The improvement is startling. It takes USB converts to optical separate right/left/sampling info and then goes to AES EBU.
  10. with Input restricted to native DSD - and conversion with a RC circuit - shouldnt it bepossible to filter the noise for DSD 256 or higher with passive components? Klaus
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